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Awards & Certifications

  • 2016/12
    CTCI Recognized with Prizes for Design and Construction of the Golden Quality Award, the Highest Honor in Public Construction Works
    CTCI contracted and executed "CPC Talin No.11 DHDS EPC Project", and has fully implemented energy-saving designs to successfully assist CPC with producing low sulfur content of high-quality diesel oil. With its professional engineering services and commitment to quality, CTCI won the highest honor in design and construction excellence awards under the facilities category of "The 16th Public Construction Golden Quality Award". The award ceremony was held on 21 December 2016 at the Convention Center of CPC Corporation. On behalf of the company, Group Vice Chairman Michael Yang and Vice President Shen-Peng Liao of Hydrocarbon Business Operations accepted the award from Wu Hong-Mo, Minister of Public Construction Commission.

    This award is hosted by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan. CTCI project team has rich engineering experiences and execution capability on EPC work and has won the deep trust by the owner CPC as well as the high degree of praises and affirmation from the government. According to the regulation of "Public Construction Golden Quality Award", the awarded contractor will be listed in the Government Procurement Vendor List announced in the Government e-Procurement System, and enjoy the reduction benefits of bid, performance or warranty bonds.

    In response to the environmental regulations which are getting stricter these days, and treatment of the crude diesel with high sulfur content, CPC builds the 40,000 BPSD DHDS plant ,aiming to meet the standard and specification of gasoline and diesel. In the design stage, CTCI project team used high efficiency motors, transformers and LED luminaires, as well as frequency converters to manage the efficiency under different production capacities. In term of the process, we use steam integration, substantial savings in operating power consumption and reduce emissions. Upon the completion of this plant, the sulfur content in diesel will be below 9wppm, significantly reducing the SOx exhaust released to the atmosphere, and efficiently improving air quality.

  • 2016/11
    G.D. Development Corporation of CTCI Wins the 13th Golden Torch Awards for Top Ten Enterprises and Top Ten Managers of the Year in 2016
    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), one of the affiliated companies of CTCI, has been dedicating to developing Photovoltaic Power Plant for nearly a decade and has been awarded Top Ten Enterprises of the 13th Golden Torch Awards. Meanwhile, B. J. Liang, President of GDDC, has been honored as one of the Top Ten Managers of the year in 2016. The award ceremony was held on 25 Nov. 2016 at the Convention Center of CPC Building. Former Vice President Wu Den-Yih attended the award ceremony and presented the awards to winners.

    An estimated 400 enterprises competed for the 13th Golden Torch Awards held by Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA). They were examined for over six months and only few of the outstanding enterprises won the awards. GDDC is one of the few enterprises which won both the Top Ten Enterprises and Top Ten Managers of this award concurrently. GDDC proves that it earns recognition by continuously delivering excellence in photovoltaic industry.

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Recognized with Various Achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)
    With achievements in enhancing the competitiveness of the engineering industry and fulfillment to our green commitment, CTCI has delivered excellence in corporate sustainability and is thus recognized with various achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Group Chairman John T. Yu has been honored as the “Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professional” and at the same time, CTCI received “Sustainable Corporate Award,” gold medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award,” “Transparency and Integrity Award,” and “Growth through Innovation Award”. KD Holding, subsidiary of CTCI, has also been granted with a bronze medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award” and “Transparency and Integrity Award.”

    CTCI is the first Taiwanese enterprise to have its Corporate Sustainability Report verified by a third party. As a leader in domestic engineering industry, CTCI has not only introduced innovative engineering technologies, but has integrated sustainable strategies into aspects of Operation & Governance, Environmental Protection, and Social Participation. In Operation & Governance, we are an active advocate of integrity operation, information disclosure, and risk management. In terms of Environmental Protection, we adopt green engineering management to influence subcontractors in the supply chain, to jointly contribute to the goal of a greener environment. While in term of social participation, we fulfill corporate social responsibilities with due faith and has established CTCI Education Foundation to engage in volunteering activities, expecting to contributing to engineering talent fostering and greater social concern. With all its active practices, CTCI has been continuously recognized with major Taiwanese awards, and since 2015 it has been selected for the 2nd year as a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in the Emerging Market, becoming the only engineering company selected in Taiwan.

    In the days to come, CTCI will continue to hold fast to our brand spirit “Most Reliable” as a driving force to lead us forward, and crate a multi-win situation among our partners, vendors in the supply chain, and stakeholders.

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Honored as the Most Admired Company 2016 by CommonWealth Magazine

    The result of much valued “Taiwan’s Most Admired Company” 2016 survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine has recently been announced. CTCI has been honored as the Most Admired Company in the Construction Industry for its competitiveness and contribution to the development of the industry.

    The survey is selected from the 23 most influential industries with best future outlooks from the 2000 enterprises of 2016 CommonWealth Magazine survey. Then 223 enterprises based on revenue levels have been selected out for assessment by professionals in the industry and experts according to the 10 operation indicators. As the outcome suggest, CTCI ranks high in terms of financial capability, operation performance, talent fostering, multinational operation, and foresight & innovation, demonstrating that its efforts in globalized operations are fully recognized.

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Honored with Green Sustainability Practice Award by British Standards Institution
    CTCI has been dedicating to corporate social responsibilities economically, socially, and environmentally and has been annually verified by an international institute since 2008 for its practice in CSR fulfillment. To recognize CTCI’s efforts in sustainable operation, care for the environment and social welfare, the British Standards Institution (BSI) honored it with Green Sustainability Practice Award on November 1st at its annual meeting. On behalf of the company, SVP Andrew Tsai of Administration &PR Division accepted this award from Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.

    CTCI values green operations and has incorporated the concept of environmental protections into its sustainable operations, and introduced green engineering expertise to assist Clients in the whole life cycle of engineering design to decommissioning by adopting economical and feasible energy saving solutions to innovate and enhance the green competitiveness of the industry, reducing pollutions and environmental risks.

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the North Promotion Association of TOSHMS under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor
    In order to decrease the occurrence of occupational disease and ensure the labor’s safety and health, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor has established Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS) since 2007. TOSHMS has been dedicated to promoting voluntary mechanism to encourage domestic enterprises applying systemic management system for safety, health, and environment. In 2010, TOSHMS founded the north, central, and south promotion associations. As one of the enterprise members for its North Promotion Association, CTCI has been actively participating in various activities held.

    TOSHMS hold a wrap-up presentation on 11th November, 2016 and Liu Chuan-Min, Director of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, awarded the certificate of appreciation to CTCI HSE Management Department Senior General Manager, Ting Hsin-I.

  • 2016/11
    SESC Honored with "2016 National Occupational Safety and Health Award- Enterprise Standard Award" from the Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan
    SESC is honored with "2016 National Occupational Safety and Health Award- Enterprise Standard Award" from the Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan. The award ceremony was held on November 8 at the International Convention Hall of the Freedom Plaza Convention Center. Jun-Zhe, Liao, Chairman of SESC, accepted the award from Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan, Wan-Yi, Lin.

    Since SESC’s inception, it has continued to promote the OHSAS 18001/CNS 15506 occupational safety and health system, establish a safety culture from "Management by Walking Around ", and continually improve practice of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle, so that the concept of security has been internalized as employees’ habits. With the top management's commitment to safety, attention and support, SESC will make more efforts to become the "most reliable sustainable resource recycling leader", and achieve the goal of "zero disaster" with prudence.

  • 2016/11
    SESC Awarded the 17th "National Standardization Award -Company Standardization Award" from Ministry of Economic Affairs
    SESC was awarded the "Company Standardization Award" of the "National Standardization Award", the highest honor in the field of standardization. SESC was the only service industry among the four winners of this year and was awarded NT$ 300,000. The award ceremony was held on October 14 at the auditorium of the Standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Jun-Zhe, Liao, Chairman of SESC , received the award from the Director of Standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    Since SESC’s inception, it has been continuously promoting the standardization system to build various operating standards and check the review mechanism to achieve synergies and improve service quality; as a result, standardization has been internalized as operating practices. The award-winning affirms SESC’s efforts. SESC will be committed to the conformance of the national standardization policy to provide better quality and professional services in resource recycling, and become the most reliable resource recycling leader.

  • 2016/11
    SESC Southern Taiwan Resource Recycling Center Honored with the 25th “Enterprise Environmental Protection Silver Award" from the Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan; Miaoli Plant Hsiu-Jung Huang Honored as an Excellent Environmental Protection Personnel in 2016

  • 2016/11
    SESC Keelung Plant Honored with the 14th Golden Thumb Awards for PPIP (Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects) from Ministry of Finance
    SESC Keelung Plant is honored with the 14th Golden Thumb Awards for PPIP. The ceremony was held on Nov. 8 at Taipei International Convention Center. On behalf of the company, SESC President Xiu-Hua, Tiao accepted the award from Lin Quan, President of the Executive Yuan.

    In addition to the waste from the Keelung City, SESC Keelung Plant also handles general wastes from other cities, fully demonstrating good operating performances. The plant has been actively involved in various environmental education and good-neighborly activities to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and neighborhood relationships by transforming incineration plants from NIMBY facilities into a friendly environment. With the brand spirit of "Most Reliable", SESC will continue to enhance the management performances of incinerator operation and contribute to maintain the quality and safe environment in Taiwan.

  • 2016/11
    SESC Southern Taiwan Resource Recycling Center Won the Excellent Unit of Occupational Safety and Health Management Award
    SESC Southern Taiwan Resource Recycling Center won the Excellent Unit of Occupational Safety and Health Management Award. The awarding ceremony was held on Nov. 10 at the Southern Science Park premier restaurant. SESC Vice President Hsiu-Yu, Kuo represented SESC to accept the award from the director of Nanke Science Park Wei-Cheng, Lin.

    This award confirms the long-term commitment of Southern Taiwan Resource Recycling Center to environmental protection, energy and resources conservation. By establishing a good management system, it has effectively enhanced the occupational safety standards and promoted employee safety and health.

    In the days to come, SESC will continuously uphold "professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation" to contribute to the community.

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Assistant Chief Engineer Mr. Shin-Gee Lu Honored with 2016 Chemical Technology Award by Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
    CTCI assistant chief engineer Mr. Shin-Gee Lu has been honored with the 2016 Chemical Technology Award by Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers. The award ceremony was held on November 25 at its annual general assembly meeting.

    Mr. Shin-Gee Lu has been working for the company for almost 3 decades; apart from having accumulated rich experiences in the field of hydrocarbon technologies, he has even proposed innovative concepts in terms of green energy and polysilicon technologies and assisted the company and project owners in patent applications. Additionally, Mr. Lu is also passionate about sharing his experiences to colleagues and the industry by composing articles, hence contributing to technological inheritance. For the abovementioned reasons, Mr. Lu is well deserved for the award bestowed upon him.

  • 2016/10
    CTCI Awarded 22.3 Million Safe Work Hours from the Petrochemical Giant SABIC
    CTCI, the largest EPC firm in Taiwan, has been recognized by SABIC, the Saudi Petrochemical Giant, for its accumulated record of 22.3 million safe work hours (without a lost time accident) during the construction of Saudi Methacrylates Company (SAMAC) MMA/PMMA Project, the world’s largest MMA plant upon completion, and Ibn Rushd Aromatics/U&O/PTA DBN Project.

    The award was held in October 2016. CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu received the honor from Saudi Prince and Chairman of SABIC, Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunayan Al-Saud, for the excellent achievement in safety during the projects execution.

    SABIC, the largest petrochemicals manufacturer in KSA, has been cooperating with many leading national and international companies, such as South Korea’s Daelim, French’s Technip, Spain’s TR Group, China’s Sinopec, etc. CTCI has successfully won SABIC’s trust in competing with the other main engineering companies to become a reliable business partner with SABIC. CTCI demonstrated its brand spirit of “Most Reliable” to act as a leading role for Taiwanese businesses to pursue the global market.

  • 2016/10
    CPC Talin No. 11 DHDS Project and Taichung LNG Terminal Expansion Project Contracted by CTCI Honored with MOEA Public Construction Quality Award
    CTCI is honored with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) 2016 Public Construction Quality Award for the CPC Talin No. 11 DHDS EPC project and Taichung LNG Terminal Phase 2 Regas Facility & Piping EPC project. The award ceremony was held at MOEA Conference Room No. 1 on 19 Oct 2016. On behalf of CTCI, HBO VP Liao and SGM Ho received the awards from MOEA Vice Minister Wei-Fuu Yang.

    ‧CPC Talin No. 11 DHDS EPC Project
    The aim of this environmentally-focused project is to reduce air pollution and improve air quality. In Taiwan, crude oil is mainly imported from the Middle-East, which contains higher proportion of sulfur. Hence, the oil product has to be treated with hydro-desulfurization process to meet the standard and specification of gasoline and diesel. In response to the environmental regulations which are getting stricter these days, the 40,000 BPSD DHDS plant built by CPC aims to reduce the sulfur content below 9 wppm in diesel in order to reduce the SOx exhaust released to the atmosphere. Apart from assisting CPC with project execution, CTCI has carried out engineering designs for energy saving and carbon reduction, such as steam integration, selection of high efficiency motor, and transformer. For the abovementioned reasons, the project achievement has been recognized by MOEA.

    ‧CPC Taichung LNG Terminal Phase 2 Regas Facility and Piping EPC Project

    The purpose of this project is to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Miaoli Tunghsiao Power Plant and Taoyuan Tatan Power Plant Expansion Unit by Taipower in compliance with national energy policy. The send-out capacity of Taichung LNG Terminal will be increased to 500 MTA from 300 MTA after completion of phase 2. In order to reduce power consumption and regular maintenance cost, CTCI has carried out energy saving and carbon reduction designs, such as LNG cold energy recovery design, selection of high efficiency heat exchanger and amorphous metal transformer, which are recognized by MOEA.

    The MOEA Public Construction Quality Award is conferred to contractors who made contribution to quality management of public construction as models to others in order to foster a premium environment for engineering. The awarded contractor will be listed in the Government Procurement Vendor List. This award demonstrates the rich engineering experiences and the capacity for EPC turkey project execution of CTCI project team, and is a tangible testimony from a national entity for CTCI’s commitment to quality and professional engineering service.

  • 2016/09
    SESC Miaoli Plant, Keelung Plant, Xindian Plant, and Houli Plant Honored with the Premium and Excellence Awards in EPA 2015 Annual Appraisal
    To ensure the quality of operation for incineration plants, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan administers the appraisal for incineration plants every year. This year, 24 incineration plants contend for 8 prizes, and SESC won 4 of them, including the premium award for Miaoli Plant and the excellence awards for Keelung Plant, Xindian Plant, and Houli Plant. SESC President Hsiu-Hua, Tiao and the President of Fortune Energy Corporation/Leading Energy Corporation Chin-Yu, Hsueh both attended the award ceremony held in Incineration Forum on 21st-22nd of September to accept this honor.

    SESC has been honored with the awards for several years, motivating it to commit to environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy saving, carbon reduction, technical upgrading, and industrial safety. In the days to come, SESC will keep enhancing management quality and performance of incineration plants

  • 2016/09
    CTCI ASI Corporate Sustainability Report Certified with AA1000 and GRI G4 Standards by British Standards Institution
    CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) published its 2015 CSR report and passed international standard certification by British Standards Institution (BSI) for its compliance with AA1000 high assurance level and GRI G4 core option self-declaration. The charter ceremony was held on September 30th at CTCI ASI meeting room. CTCI ASI President Liu Yin-Fan represented the company to accept the certificates from Peter Pu, Managing Director of BSI Taiwan.

  • 2016/09
    CTCI Once Again Selected as a Member of DJSI: the Only Enterprise Elected in Engineering & Construction Industry in Taiwan
    Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) announced the results of 2016 components on September 8th. CTCI has once again been selected in the Emerging Markets index as the only enterprise in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry.

    In 2016, totally 3,400 enterprises around the globe were invited to participate in the DJSI assessment. There were eight major categories being assessed, while CTCI was listed by DJSI in its Emerging Markets index. As shown in the results, 95 enterprises, including CTCI, were selected from the 811 participating enterprises for Emerging Markets index.

    The DJSI compares a company’s performance to those of its peers, in order to identify best practices across the economic, social and environmental dimensions of corporate sustainable development, including Corporate Governance, Risk & Crisis Management, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, Materiality, Occupational Health and Safety.

  • 2016/09
    CTCI Corporation Moves Upward in Several Rankings of 2016 ENR Magazine
    The rankings of 2016 Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR) had been released. CTCI Corporation has once again performed remarkably and moved itself upwards in the rankings of international contractors, global contractors, and international design firms. For the items of the Top International Design Firms and Top International Contractors, CTCI Corporation are even placed within the Top 100 this time.

    ENR, a prestigious international magazine, conducts its surveys for engineering companies annually. ENR rankings have strong credibility and are important indexes for international engineering industry. ENR rankings have two main categories which are design firms and contractors based on company’s annual sales revenues. Among the ENR rankings, companies in the "International" list are ranked on the basis of overseas revenues, whereas companies in the "Global" list are ranked according to their total revenues regardless of where the project is located. In recent years, CTCI Corporation constantly makes efforts on growth and successfully expands the international markets by enhancing the technical level, profitability, and international visibility. Therefore, CTCI Corporation continues to jump in rankings among international engineering companies.

  • 2016/09
    Mr. Hwei-Nan Yi, CEO of Group Intelligent Solutions Business, and Mr. M. H. Wang, Deputy CEO of Engineering Business, Elected as Directors of Chinese Petroleum Institute (the 32nd term)
    On September 22nd, the Chinese Petroleum Institute held its 1st Election for Directors and Supervisors of 2015 (the 32nd term). Mr. Hwei-Nan Yi, CEO of Group Intelligent Solutions Business, and Mr. M. H. Wang, Deputy CEO of Engineering Business, have been elected as Directors.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI/CTCI (Thailand) Awarded Appreciation and Recognition for TOP SPP Project Achievements in COD Completion and 10 Million Manhours without LTI by Thai Oil
    CTCI/CTCI (Thailand) have been executing TOP SPP project since Dec. 2013 and delivered excellent schedule, quality and safety control which were recognized by client, Thai oil. Two phases of project commercial operation, BLOCK I and BLOCK II, have been achieved in March and May of 2016 respectively, supplying stable steam and energy to Thai oil refinery, EGAT and PEA. In order to recognize the significant project achievements, Thai Oil invited CTCI/CTCI (Thailand) to join the 55th anniversary & grand opening of LABIX & TOP SPP ceremony dated 3rd August 2016 at Thai Oil refinery, Sriracha, Thailand. During the ceremony, CTCI Corporation President Michael Yang accepted the appreciation & recognition award on behalf of CTCI from Mr. Charlee B., Managing Director of TOP SPP CO., Ltd. Attendees of ceremony include Thai oil Chairman Mr. Kurujit N., CEO and President Mr. Atikom T., Refinery & Petrochemical Senior Executive Vice President Mr. Mitri R., Operation Excellence Executive Vice President Mr. Surachai S., Asset Development Vice President Mr. Somkiet K., and CTCI Regional Head Vice President Mr. M.G. Lee, CTCI (Thailand) Managing Director Jeff Hsu, CTCI Senior General Manager Mike Shih, Senior General Manager Frank Wu, and Project Manager Anthony Hsu.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Corp. and KD Holding Listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2016
    The CommonWealth Magazine announced the winning enterprises of 2016 Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility. This year, both CTCI and its subsidiary KD Holding perform better than last year with the ranking ascend to the 28th and 3rd in the categories of “large enterprise” and “mid-size enterprise” respectively. The award ceremony took place on August 30. Mr. John H. Lin, Vice Chairman of CTCI, attended the ceremony and accepted the honors from Mr. Deng Chen-Chung, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan.

    CTCI has been continuously honored with the award for several years and scoring high in the aspects of “corporate governance” and “environmental protection” this time. On top of carrying on stable growth with determination and sustainable operations, CTCI implements green engineering technology to provide its clients with cost-effective, eco-friendly, and energy-saving solutions to innovate and enhance its green competitiveness in the industry, while also encouraging subcontractors to engage in environmental practices. It is a sincere hope of CTCI to exert its influence to the value supply chain and thus reduce pollutions and risks that may cause harms to human being and environments, making great efforts to preserve the eco-environment.
    With its emphasis on environmental protection, KD Holding’s ranking is ascended to the 3rd under the category of “mid-size enterprise” this year. Aside from inviting local residents and students of surrounding areas for on-site visit of incineration plants to advocate concepts of energy saving and resource recycling, KD Holding also helped the government with its expertise of waste treatment during the bird flu outbreak. Winning the prize is a great honor for KD, while the fact of CTCI Corp. and KD Holding both honored with the awards affirms CTCI’s efforts in fulfilling CSR.

  • 2016/07
    CTCI Received Commendations from PETRONAS for RAPID Package 1 RFCC Project
    The state-owned oil company of Malaysia PETRONAS held its first Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) CEO-level conference for mega-projects during July 20th and 21st in Kuala Lumpur. Totally 17 CEOs of large international EPCC companies currently executing Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) project were invited by PETRONAS to attend the event. As a representative of RAPID Package 1 RFCC project, CTCI Chairman John T. Yu attended the conference and received commendations by PETRONAS at the event.

    The aim of this conference was for PERTRONAS to report the execution progress of the projects, problems encountered, the future goals, and to share project execution strategies with the CEOs, with the ultimate goal to facilitate on-time and to quality completion of the largest investment project to date of PETRONAS. Since the project was commenced in August 2014, CTCI has delivered extraordinary project execution results to the client. Apart from being far in advance of any other EPCC contractors by a wide 10% margin, CTCI was the first to complete 90% 3D model review within the whole refinery projects, and the first to start on-site piping and equipment installation work. Hence, it is highly recognized by PETRONAS for its professionalism in project management and execution.

  • 2016/06
    CTCI Corp. Certified with AA1000 and ISO 14064-1 for its Corporate Sustainability Report 2015 and GHG Inventory Verification
    CTCI has been certified with high level of AA1000 Assurance Standard for its Corporate Sustainability Report 2015 and ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse gases Part 1: Specification by the British Standards Institution, Taiwan branch (BSI Taiwan). The accreditation ceremony was held on 14 June 2016 in the conference room at the 17th floor of CTCI headquarters. On behalf of CTCI, President Michael Yang received the certification from Peter Pu, Managing Director of BSI Taiwan.

    Since 2008, CTCI has been publishing Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR Report) for nine consecutive years, demonstrating the determination and actions of CTCI in carrying out sustainable development and fulfilling social responsibilities. Facing the ever worsening global warming issue, CTCI has also conducted greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory verification starting from this year for its headquarters and project sites, both are within the borders of CTCI’s operation scope. The ISO 14064-1 certification is given to recognize CTCI’s GHG inventory verification conducted from 2012 to 2015. To expand its influence, CTCI also plans to gradually promote GHG inventory verification for the subcontractors and lower GHG emissions together with partners of the value supply chain to fulfill corporate social responsibilities by cooling the earth.

  • 2016/06
    CTCI Honored with Various Awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2016
    In 2016, CTCI is honored with various awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE). The award ceremony took place at the 2016 General Assembly of CIE held together with the Engineer’s Day Celebration on June 3, 2016.

    ‧CTCI Associate Chief Engineer Chia-Cheng Wei and Assistant Chief Engineer Chao-Ching Cho Honored with Outstanding Engineer Award

    Mr. Chia-Cheng Wei has been serving in CTCI for over two decades, during which he demonstrated great leadership by delivering extraordinary performance in project executions and won the trusts by clients and colleagues with his focus on both theory and practice and attentiveness in each and every task. Mr. Wei has also helped promoted value engineering, 3D animation simulation constructability study, six sigma in process control, and iEPC, and hence made great contributions to enhance the competitiveness of domestic engineering industry.

    Serving in CTCI for over 20 years till now, Mr. Chao-ching Ching Cho has accumulated rich experiences in overseas project executions and working together with other renowned engineering companies abroad ; his expertise in process technology ranges from petrochemical refinery, power plants, to environmental services. Mr. Cho’s professionalism and dedication to every task of executing large-scale overseas projects has made him a model and great mentor for younger engineers in the field of process engineering.

    ‧Mr. Y. C. Kuo, Plant Chief of Sino Environmental Services Corp. Honored with Excellent Young Engineers Award
    Mr. Y. C. Kuo, plant chief of SESC, has been serving in Wurih Incineration Plant for over 10 years by starting as an entry level engineer. Mr. Kuo’s job responsibility includes operation and management of the incineration plant; with his extraordinary performance, he has been recognized with Eminent Contribution Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects (PPIPs) by Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan and is a two-time winner of EPA Audit and Evaluation Outstanding Award. Additionally, Mr. Kuo has participated in the technology R&D of large incineration plants and enhancement of equipment effectiveness, including sludge co-combustion technology, and establishment of treatment procedure for waste solvents and sludge, and also helped the company acquiring patents. The technologies were applied in incineration plants operations, and enhance the technological reliability.

    ‧CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. Awarded Distinguished Construction and Business Institution Award

    The vision of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) is to be “The Leading Solution Provider of Industrial Intelligence”. Referring to its future expectation, CTCI ASI provides advanced technologies to build up an intelligent and sustainable industrial environment. For decades, with plenty of technical experiences, healthy financial and manage systems, CTCI ASI is the leading company in information services and systems integration business in Taiwan. At a steady pace, CTCI ASI insists on the principles of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. After accumulating energy and strengthening itself, CTCI ASI has expanded the market internationally. In 2002, CTCI ASI stock went public and had since received the highest ranking in Information Disclosure and Transparency Ranking System by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) for7 years in a row. From 2015 to 2016, CTCI ASI has been listed as TOP 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation System by TWSE.

  • 2016/06
    CTCI Corporation, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc., and KD Holding Corporation Evaluated as Top 5% in the “2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation System”
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (“TWSE”) and Taipei Exchange (“TPEx”) announced the top 50% of the 2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. CTCI Corporation (CTCI Corp.) and its subsidiaries, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) and KD Holding Corporation (KD), were evaluated as top 5% of the TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies.

    The award ceremony was held on June 16, 2016 at Taipei International Convention Center and Mr. Kung-Wha Ding, the Chairman of Financial Supervisory Commission, Mr. Sush-Der Lee, the Chairman of TWSE, and Mr. Chi-Hsien Lee, the acting Chairman of TPEx, attended the ceremony as award presenters. Mr. Michael Yang, President of CTCI, Mr. Hwei-Nan Yih, Chairman of ASI, and Mr. John Lin, Chairman of KD, received the awards on behalf of CTCI Corp., CTCI ASI and KD, respectively.

    The TWSE and TPEx launched “Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conducted by the Securities and Futures Institute (“SFI”) to evaluate the performance of corporate governance among listed companies. The evaluation indicators comprise the 5 categories and 98 indicators: protecting shareholder rights and interests, treating shareholders equitably, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

    In 2015, all the entries in the evaluation include 824 TWSE-listed companies and 623 TPEx-listed companies as a whole. The awards demonstrate that the CTCI companies obey the laws and regulations and voluntarily improve the corporate governance.

  • 2016/05
    SESC Honored with the Award of 2015 Excellent Labor Safety Unit from Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
    After a fierce competition from the selection of Taipei Excellent Labor Safety Unit this year, SESC won the Award of 2015 Excellent Labor Safety Unit from Department of Labor, Taipei City Government. The award ceremony was held on 27 May 2016 at Taipei Municipal Services Building. SESC Vice President Cheng -Hing Lin represented SESC to accept this honor from Taipei Vice Mayor Chia- Chi, Teng. SESC will keep promoting risk assessment to build a better working place while also obeying the law and strengthening communication training to enhance our safety and health level and create an accident-free work environment.

  • 2016/05
    Companies of CTCI Excel in the 2016 Top 2000 Enterprises Survey of CommonWealth Magazine
    This year, the results of CommonWealth Magazine's Top 2000 Enterprises Survey were released in May. As the outcome indicated, seven member companies of CTCI were listed in the Top 650 Service Enterprises, including CTCI Corporation, KD Holding Corporation, CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation, Sino Environmental Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., and CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. According to the survey, CTCI Corporation not only retained the Top 1 in the contractor sector, but also continued to sustain on Top 100 companies of Top 2000 Enterprises survey for 30 years in row.

    Tables below reveal all the rankings garnered by companies of CTCI in various sectors of the 2016 Top 650 Service Enterprises. CTCI Corporation improved itself for three years to the 22nd in terms of the overall ranking in the service sector and retained the leader in the contractor sector. Moreover, CTCI ranks the 32nd in profitability in the Top 650 Service Enterprises this year. KD Holding Corporation retained the 8th in investment holding company sector this year, and improved to the 285th in the service sector. CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation ranked the 30th in the contractor sector and the 271st in the service sector this year; Sino Environmental Services Corporation retained the 2nd in the environmental service sector and ranked the 361st in the service sector. CTCI Machinery Corporation ranked the 41st in the contractor sector and ranked the 412th in service sector. CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. ranked the 51st in the contractor sector and the 529th in service sector. Last but not least, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. retained the 33rd in the IT equipment sales and services sector and ranked the 554th in the service sector this year.

    The ranking of 2016 Taiwan's Top 2000 Enterprises was based on the consolidated revenues and profits of the companies for 2015, a result of the survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine. CommonWealth Magazine selects Top 1350 Manufacturing Enterprises, Top 650 Service Enterprises and Top 100 Financial Institutions. It is highly expected that with continued efforts each member company of CTCI will be thriving year over year to rank at the top of the list.

  • 2016/04
    CTCI Recognized with Standard Pioneer Award by BSI Taiwan Branch
    To fulfill corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and pursue sustainable operations, CTCI has been verified by a third party for its CSR practice since 2008, and is the first engineering company in Taiwan to pass Corporate Sustainability Report verifications. Moreover, CTCI is even a pioneer in the engineering industry to adopt GRI G4.0 indicators and pass AA1000:2008 high assurance levels. With our persistence to excellent corporate governance, compliance with international standards, and dedication to innovative management, CTCI was recognized with “Standard Pioneer Award” by the Taiwan Branch British Standards Institution (BSI), an authoritative international standardization and verification institute. The award ceremony was held on April 12th in the 20th Anniversary Forum of Taiwan Branch. On behalf of the company, SVP of the Administration & PR Division Mr. Andrew Tsai received the award from Mr. David Horlock, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Region.

  • 2016/04
    CTCI Headquarters Honored with “Cumulative Record without Accident Proof with a total of 33.89 million hours” by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor
    In order to enhance the consciousness for both employers and employees in HSE field, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor promotes the activities of “Cumulative Record without Accident Proof” and encourages public institutions to execute self-management to achieve the objective of ZERO accident. CTCI headquarters was honored with a cumulative record without accident proof from January 2007 to November 2015, with a total record of 33.89 million hours.
    The aforementioned proof awarded by Industrial Safety and Health Association of the R.O.C. demonstrates that CTCI’s efforts and performance in HSE field has been well recognized. In the future, CTCI will continue promoting the HSE Management System and encouraging everyone to participate in the prevention of occupational hazard and protecting safety & health for every worker.

  • 2016/03
    CTCI Managing Director of the Board Andy Hseu Honored by Sino-Arabian Cultural & Economic Association with “Outstanding Contribution Award to Sino-Arabian Relations, 2015”
    Recommended by both Formosa Petrochemical Corporation and CTCI, CTCI MDB Andy Hseu is honored with “Outstanding Contribution Award to Sino-Arabian Relations, 2015” by Sino-Arabian Cultural & Economic Association. The award ceremony was held on March 2nd at Chinese Petroleum Building, at its annual member meeting with the award presenter being chairman of the association, Mr. Lin Sheng-Chung.

    MDB Hseu has been sparing no efforts to the promotion of Sino-Arabian relations in his career. Apart from leading CTCI team members to secure projects in the Middle East and successfully build a bright record for CTCI to reenter the Middle East market, Mr. Hseu also supervised various projects executions in the region when he served as a board member of CTCI Arabia Ltd. Moreover, Mr. Hseu has been actively promoting academic and economical activities held by the government and in private spheres, hence contributing significantly to the Sino-Arabian relations in the economic, cultural, and engineering technological aspects. The honor bestowed to MDB Hseu affirms his efforts and contribution to foster Sino-Arab relations both individually and to CTCI.

  • 2016/02
    SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project Awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer in February 2016 by SABIC
    In February 2016, SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project was awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer, which is a prize granted to commend the project contractor under SABIC achieving the best performance in construction/quality management and progress control. Winning the Best Project Performer symbolizes SABIC’s validation for the efforts by CTCI Project Team.

    Commencing in July 2014, with the construction work at Site started in January 2015, SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project has been recognized as a model project by SABIC in terms of construction progress and work quality, while under the brilliant leadership of Top Management, along with the active and devoted participation of all the management and working level, including but not limited to Project Sponsor, Project Director, Project Manager, Project Site Manager, Project QA/QC Manager, etc. CTCI has been working on making this Project a paragon in the Middle East via full compliance with the strict SABIC specifications. As a result, all the CTCI participants providing contributions to the SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project feel honored about being awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer.

    Marching toward the scheduled completion in April 2017, all the CTCI staff at SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project Site will continuously work on timely achievement of this difficult task in the face of the adverse climate during the coming summer. Via such efforts, CTCI is committed to further substantiating its goal to become the most reliable engineering/construction service provider in the Middle East.

  • 2016/01
    ACS Awarded ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Certifications
    ACS has been awarded ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007 certifications by AFNOR Group this January. The charter ceremony has concluded successfully in March. It represents that ACS has passed the milestone of environmental management system, and occupational health and safety assessment.
    The ISO14001:2015 is a new version of environmental management system, which was just released last September. ACS, being a leading certified system engineering corporation, fully demonstrates its effort on environment protection and social responsibility fulfillment.
    Currently, ACS has been certified with comprehensive management systems, including ISO9001(quality control),ISO14001(environment protection), and OHSAS18001(occupational health and safety assessment), marking that ACS has equipped itself as a qualified global enterprise. This not only enhances investor confidence, but greatly reduces risks for clients, employees and environment. ACS will persistently focus on service optimization, safety, and environment protection to provide staff with an enjoyable and healthy workplace. In the meanwhile, ACS will implement energy saving continuously for the sustainability of the enterprise and environment.

  • 2015/12
    SESC Pei-Yu,Lin Honored with the Excellent HSE Personnel Award from Ministry of Labor
    Following the recognition of the 2014 Taipei Labor Safety Award ,SESC Assistant Manager Pei-Yu,Lin once again won the Excellent HSE Personnel Award from Ministry of Labor under the keen competition. The award ceremony was held on 1 December 2015 at Taipei City Hall. Taipei City Mayor Wen-Che,Ko presented the honor roll certificates to the award winners to praise their performances and contribution to HSE managment.