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  • 2019/03
    Taiwan: CTCI 40 Years, Partner for Sustainability:
    2019 CTCI Global Supplier Meeting Concluded with Success
    At its 40th anniversary since establishment, CTCI has made considerable contribution in engineering developments both at home and abroad and won international recognition for its brilliant corporate social responsibility obligation performances over the years. In hopes to collaborate with its supplier partners to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences, CTCI held a "CTCI 40 Years, Partner for Sustainability" 2019 CTCI Supplier Meeting on March 28, 2019. Via this meeting, CTCI expects to build consensus, grow together, and create innovative opportunities in terms of environment, economic, and social sustainability development orientations with its suppliers.

    A total of 70 suppliers from 19 countries, which are Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, the U.S., South Korea, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, the U.K., Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia, were invited to participate, with 113 high-level executives of these suppliers attending the meeting. CTCI Group Vice Chairman Michael Yang, President of EPC Operations Todd Chen, and Vice President of the Procurement Division Ting-Chuang Li represented the company to welcome global suppliers at the event. During the meeting, CTCI specifically described its policies on quality management, safety, health and environment policies, procurement operation procedures, and supplier management, as well as providing its future business outlooks. Also, memorial trophies were conferred to outstanding suppliers to recognize their efforts and support, aiming to build consensus and create intimate partnership opportunities.

    As a member of the global village, CTCI has continued to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while pursuing enterprise growth in hopes to achieve corporate social responsibility with its partners together. In the future, in addition to establishing sustainable supplier chain development strategies, CTCI will continue to counsel and assist suppliers to enhance their international capabilities. Meanwhile, it will also enhance awareness and corporate social responsibility executions via continuous sharing and advocacy. The goal is to enable the global suppliers and CTCI to grow together, and jointly move towards the path of sustainability.

  • 2019/01
    Taiwan: “2019 Taiwan in My Eyes--120h” Event Starts at CTCI HQ: Students from 22 Countries Voice to the World the Sustainable Operations of Taiwan
    A nationwide campaign ”2019 Taiwan in My Eyes-- Sustainability Tactics” co-organized by CTCI Education Foundation and Center for Corporate Sustainability was launched on January 21 at CTCI headquarters. The event is focused on the exploration of Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu & CTCI EF and TAISE Chairman Eugene Chien both were invited to attend the opening and gave a welcoming address to the students at the opening and wished them to grasp this opportunity to observe/share Taiwan’s sustainability practices with peers worldwide within the 5-day, 120h campaign.

    This campaign has been held for the 4th time and the response is incredible. For the recent session, participants are composed of 12 native Taiwanese and 36 foreign students from 22 countries in 11 universities. Aside from self-selected sites visits to explore Taiwan’s sustainability dimensions, during the five days, students also visit several benchmark enterprises to see Taiwan’s international engineering expertise/track record, sustainable practices of semiconductor industry, ecological education, transformation of the hydrocarbon industry, and innovative technology development in central Taiwan. It is expected that trough the on-site visit, students will observe, exchange ideas, discuss and record what they see in social media with their peers and most importantly, effectively promoting SDGs education worldwide.