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  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI-HDEC Joint Venture to Establish Taiwan's First Integrated Sewage Treatment and Reclamation Plant
    CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor, has joined hands with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC), as a joint venture and awarded BTO Project of LinHai Sewage Treatment Plant and Reclaimed Water by Kaohsiung City Government. For this project, a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation, responsible for investment, build, and operation of the project is established. The contract, valued at NT$4.33 billion and with an 18-year concession period, is Taiwan’s first project combining sewage treatment and large reclamation unit together. The reclaimed water could be provided for industrial use, transforming itself into a little reservoir of the city. The plant is scheduled to be commercially operated in 2021, and by when, totally 33,000 CMD reclaimed water will be provided for Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, effectively easing the strain of local water demand.

    The contract, being part of the six demonstration plants to be built in the Public Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge Water Recycling and Reuse Promotion Project, is to build sewage treatment plant and reclamation plant in one step; in 1st phase, it is expected to build a 55,000 CMD Sewage Treatment Plant to produce 33,000 CMD reclaimed water for industries at Linhai Industrial Park. In the future, the capacity could be further expanded to 60,000 CMD, combining with the 45,000 CMD by Fengshan Shi Wastewater Reclamation Plant at 2nd phase, over 100,000 CMD reclaimed water could be steadily produced for Linhai Industrial Park and thus laying a cornerstone for local industry development.

    CTCI, with 20 years of experience in water resource treatment, has completed various water reclamation plants for the hydrocarbon industry and municipal wastewater treatment plants projects, and is keen on the business opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy. With the new contract awarded, CTCI is committed to deliver the Most Reliable engineering quality and green engineering practices, contributing its share for the sustainability of the environment.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: Putting Circular Economy into Practice --CTCI Joins Hands with Evergreen Steel to Build Taiwan's Landmark BOT Biomass Energy Center
    Backed by its rich experience and project performance in the fields of waste management and Energy-from-Waste business, CTCICorporation (CTCI) , Taiwan's largest EPC turnkey service contractor, has successfully secured the "Taoyuan City Biomass Energy Center Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project" under a Joint Venture (JV) formed by CTCI Corporation, ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, in conjunction with Evergreen Steel Corporation (Evergreen). The JV also established “EVER ECOVE Corporation” as the concession company for the BOT project, with CTCI responsible for the EPC work of the project and ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ECOVE, responsible for its operation and maintenance.

    The landmark Biomass Energy Center BOT project in Taiwan is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021 with a concession period of 25 years. Different from the traditional energy from waste plant, it will not only achieve the dual benefits of proper waste disposal and energy recovery (electricity generation) but will also lead the trend and create a new generation of cycling-type environmental park with low pollution, diversified treatment, and sustainable operation. It will become a model indicator for the promotion and development of the circular economy by the Taoyuan City Government.

    The scope of this project includes waste pretreatment, thermal process (waste incineration), anaerobic digestion, landfill and other related facilities. The facility puts the circular economy into practice by directing waste to reduction, reuse and recycling. After completion, the center will be responsible for handling household waste and industrial & commercial waste in Taoyuan City, and recovering waste heat generated during heat treatment to generate electricity. Through the anaerobic digestion technology, the facility is able to process the kitchen waste which is with high moisture content and not suitable for direct burning, and create the best solution to treat kitchen waste and further generate electricity as well.

    CTCI has been deeply cultivating the resource cycling industry for 20 years and is the only investor/builder in Taiwan that has the turnkey capability of the energy from waste plant and owns successful implementation experience of the only two incineration plant BOT projects in Taiwan. ECOVE is the first environmental resource management service company in Taiwan to acquire the qualifications for the operation of energy from waste plants overseas. Its services include the resource recycling of various materials such as waste disposal and energy from waste, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy development. ECOVE's business landscape covers Macao, China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The three major businesses of aviation, shipping, and steel owned by the JV partner Evergreen Group, also with a mission of guarding the green earth. Evergreen Steel is leading in the Biomass Energy Center project, has a foothold in environmental protection and has made the investment to two companies, namely Hsin Yung Enterprise and Super Max Engineering. In the future, Evergreen Group will also expand its business in environmental protection.

    In this project, the JV team of CTCI and Evergreen stood out from the fierce competition with its high energy efficiency, technical solutions for effective processing of multiple wastes, and the concept of putting the circular economy into practice. CTCI is committed to continuing to uphold the brand spirit of "The Most Reliable" and join hands with Evergreen to establish Taoyuan City as an advanced, environmentally friendly homeland.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Teams Up to Clean Up Taiwan’s Coastline
    In response to the EPA’s island-wide beach cleaning and beach adopting campaign, CTCI has made commitment to contribute its share to be a guarding force for Taiwan’s coastline since 2017, and has planned 3 sessions of beach cleaning campaign. On October 20, CTCI held the last session of beach cleaning activity, with 85 participants, including colleagues, family members, and the U.S. business partners. Totally, 504 kg of trash has been collected that day which helped revive the coastline with real actions.

    As was previously the case, the CEO of Group Shared Services Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao attended the event to cheer colleagues up and personally toiled under the sun to pick up trash together with everyone else. The beach adopted by CTCI is 1 km in length, and the trash collected include waste and floating garbage like styrofoam, bottle glass, plastic bottles, fishing net. The organizer Brand Management Department then selected the winning groups with the “Golden Weight Award”, and “Golden Volume Award” based on the weight and volume of trash collected by each team. For participants who show perfect attendance, an additional “Perfect Attendance Award” will be conferred.

    The number of attendance for the 3-session beach cleaning campaign held by CTCI is 193.. As invited by colleagues, not only family members but also business partners had joined this campaign. This has also brought participants to reflect on the impacts of marine waste and everyone has made a firm resolve to protect the marine ecology. CTCI will continue to exert its influence and join hands to contribute a share to the sustainability of the earth.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2018/12
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Wins Dual "Public Construction Golden Quality Award", The Highest Honor in Public Work
    Winners for the highest honor in public works, the Public Construction Golden Quality Award have been announced. For entrusted project management and supervision service contract with Jia-Shan Air Force Base EPC Project, CTCI REI was recognized by the 18th annual Public Construction Golden Quality Award, issued by the Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan. In the Facilities category, the project management unit and supervision unit received two special awards for excellent quality of project management and supervision execution performance. The award ceremony was held on December 18 in the CPC Convention Hall of the Chinese Petroleum Building. On behalf of CTCI REI, Chairman Wu Kuo-Ann and President Gu Dingguo accepted the award from Wu Tze-cheng, Minister of the Public Construction Commission.

    Jia-Shan Air Force Base’s electrical power, fire fighting, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and system control systems for the turn-key project were completed for nearly 30 years. As such, critical infrastructure such as mechanical and electrical equipment has gradually entered a high-risk period for failure. After the CTCI REI team completed its evaluation and planning review of the case, it integrated capturing reality point cloud and BIM (building information modeling) at the design stage, in order to effectively reduce construction conflicts and design change, and to benefit future maintenance management. At the same time, it used an optical fiber ring network topological architecture to build the north-south tunnel sharing & supporting intelligent monitoring center to control the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment. In this way, it effectively strengthens the monitoring function. To maintain the security and safety of the tunnel and staff, it adopted LSFH (low smoke and free of halogen) cable and waterproof and moisture proof planning considering the closure and humidity characteristics of the tunnel. Also, to solve the issue of diminishing manufactured products, priority is given to using domestic products and equipment. If it is a foreign product, it needs to obtain a letter of commitment regarding continued supply of products. With robust project management and supervision of the implementation capacity, the CTCI REI team effectively improved the five major systems in the building, including electric power, ventilation and air conditioning, fire fighting, water supply and system control to maintain the operation of critical infrastructure such as telecommunications, transport, energy, reservoirs and electricity and ensure the military’s lasting strength.

    During the construction period, for more than 80 days the project experienced stationing of warplanes for necessary precautions against typhoons and for military training. The team acted immediately to adjust the construction area and time, carried out the construction of major equipment, and maintain the normal operation of the unit according to the temporary supporting measures. The project was completed on schedule with excellent quality. The award of this honor once again recognizes CTCI’s persistence and commitment to provide the “Most Reliable” engineering services.

  • 2018/12
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Executed CPC EPC Project of 26" Gas Pipeline Installation Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Method, A New Milestone for Submarine Gas Pipeline in Taiwan
    CTCI REI executed CPC's Taichung Plant's CPC EPC Project of 26" gas pipeline installation using innovative Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method, which successfully overcomes the challenges in gas pipeline engineering of cobble and gravel layer barrier and complicated construction accuracy problems, and completed the longest and deepest submarine HDD natural gas pipeline in Taiwan using highly challenging 3D linear layout to install gas pipeline underground. As such, the project has been awarded the 2018 "Excellent Underground Pipeline Engineering Award" of the Chinese Taipei Society for Trenchless Technology.

    This EPC project is part of the Taichung Plant Phase II investment plan, which includes the most difficult four-section obstacle crossing for the 26-inch long-distance gas pipeline from Taichung Plant to Wuxi Gas Station, with a total length of 3,861m. It was completed on January 14th, 2018. This project is the first HDD project to implement the air hammer pound casing method with auger in Taiwan, successfully overcoming the 15-meter-thick gravel layer. Two rigs were used to drill at both entry and exit sides and interconnecting underground at the rock bed, thereby solving the construction technical problem of fixed-exiting drilling points in a long-distance construction. Also on the Taichung Port section, a highly challenging 3D linear layout is utilized to install pipeline beneath the channel of Taichung Port so as to cross the existing harbor and anchor structures, while the depth of pipeline buried was adjusted. The end product is a pipeline with a caliber of 26-inch, a EL.- of 52.6m, and a length of 1,419m, the largest in Taiwan for each aspect, creating a milestone for submarine pipeline HDD engineering.

    Under the meticulous planning of CTCI REI, the project has been delivered 43 calendar days ahead of the schedule. In addition to complying with the government's energy policy to increase the stability of gas power supply, the successful completion of this project has greatly improved the domestic HDD construction technology, serving as a successful experience for the domestic industry.

  • 2018/12
    Taiwan: Taipower Talin Power Plant Renewal Project Contracted by CTCI Wins 1st Prize for Safety and Health Excellent Contractor & Excellent HSE Personnel Award
    Taipower Talin Power Plant Renewal Project EPC work of supercritical power generating equipment with power building and accessories which is contracted by CTCI has been honored with 1st Prize for Safety in the 2nd half of 2018 by Taipower. While colleagues Mr. Yen Ming-Tsun, Ms. Liou Jia-Cing, and Mr. Shu-Shan Lee are recognized with Health Excellent Contractor & Excellent HSE Personnel Award. On Dec. 21, Site Manager Ming-Shin Yang received the award on behalf of CTCI from Director Zhang Liuguo of Nan Pu construction office, Taipower.

    Taipower conducts HSE performance audit on EPC contractors of its projects every half year, and CTCI project teams have been honored with such award for numerous times, signifying owner’s high recognition. In the days to come, CTCI will continue to deliver satisfying project results while staying true to its “Most Reliable” brand spirit.


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