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  • 2017/10
    CTCI Builds “ECOVE”, an International Resource Cycling Brand, and Demonstrates Taiwan’s First Class Environmental Management and Intelligent Solutions
    CTCI, renowned as a leader in the provision of reliable engineering services, has run resource cycling business for 20 years. In order to expand international business, CTCI implemented one rebrand plan of KD Holding Corporation, a subsidiary of CTCI, the largest corporation providing environmental resource management services in Taiwan, to build a new “ECOVE” brand logo, a “Every Resource Counts” slogan and announce to the world that we are the most reliable provider of industry-leading “resource cycling” services.

    Founded in 1999, KD Holding started with garbage incineration. Gradually, KD Holding has expanded its business including the waste removal, wastewater treatment and resources recycling, and solar photovoltaic and developed overseas markets in Mainland China, Macao and USA. “KD Holding boasted NTD 5 billion in revenue in 2016 with market capitalization stood at NTD 11.6 billion,” CTCI chairman John Yu said during the ECOVE brand press conference.

    KD Holding, having been continuously honored with many awards for several years and scored high in aspects of corporate governance, business service, environmental protection and social engagement, has not gained much recognition from behind the scenes role. “It’s time to market KD Holding. ECOVE brand would add brilliance to KD Holding and let the world learn more about us,” Yu said.

    J.J. Liao, chairman of ECOVE Environment Corporation (formerly KD Holding Corporation), said that the well-known subsidiaries of ECOVE in Taiwan, including ECOVE Environment Services Corporation(信鼎), ECOVE Waste Management Corporation(暉鼎), ECOVE Wujih and Miaoli Energy Corporation(倫鼎/裕鼎) would be still using the original Chinese name.

    On the other hand, the company has come up with supervision and control consulting services of nine urban incineration plants in Mainland China and taken in charge of operating two urban incineration plants and one hazardous and special waste treatment plant in Macao. “But awareness is still not enough on global market. In order to expand international business, we decided to launch the ECOVE brand and renew official website, uniform, and service cars with the new corporate identity,” Liao said.

    “The ECOVE, composed of the meanings of ecology and trove, represents that the company is ready to excavate, find, and reuse the infinite treasures on the earth, ”Liao explained to the media.
    Liao also indicated that the Every Resource Counts slogan would be the colleagues’ operation mode and work ethic in the future to provide the best resource cycling services.

    With the intense competition, Liao states that ECOVE Environment Corporation’s competitors are from around the world. By means of integrating the corporate identity of all subsidiaries and launching the ECOVE globe brand, the company is eager to enhance international visibility, making investors, proprietors and the government recognize its commitment to expand international business, and promote the competitiveness of Taiwan's resource recycling industry.

  • 2017/08
    Global Development, Local Prosperity

    CTCI Education Foundation "2017 Zhishan Magnificence - Shilin Cultural Festival"
    Yearly "Zhishan Magnificence - Shilin Cultural Festival" concert made its debut on August 6th in the lobby of CTCI Group headquarters. The concert was headlined by Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble and CTCI Mandolin Ensemble, joined by Taipei Conductor Chamber Ensemble and Youth Orchestra. The groups brought a melodious opening to this year's Shilin Cultural Festival. The cultural festivities will happen every weekend for a month and a half at the following venues including The Xiqu Center of Taiwan, Shilin Parent-Child Center, Tianmu White House, Chien Mu House, Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, and Sogo Tianmu Store. Local youths and performance art groups will bring their exciting performances to the events.

    "Zhishan Magnificence - Shilin Cultural Festival" is a key annual event in the Shilin/Tianmu area, co-hosted by The Zhishan Ecological Garden and CTCI Education Foundation. This year marks the event's seventh year. The event seeks to bring local enterprises, schools, and cultural groups together. According to Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CTCI Group Shared Services and CTCI Education Foundation CEO, CTCI Group wishes to uphold the spirit of "global development, local prosperity" as a member of a local enterprise. With long term support for the environment and culture development in the Shilin area, not only does CTCI Group sponsor activities and participate in performances, it has also invited Love Soap, a social welfare group for the autistic or mentally disabled people to join in at the event and host charity sales. CTCI Group also set up an environmental protection experience booth during its "Music Marathon & Water & Green Environment Experience Day" event closing ceremony, sharing knowledge on how to protect the environment with their professional engineering expertise to further local development and environmental education.

    "Shilin is a treasure trove of culture and arts that is rich in history and is an excellent residential environment," said CTCI Education Foundation and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Chairman Eugene Chien. "CTCI hosts this meaningful event every year in hopes to bring the local community together through mutual efforts in interaction and feedback between local enterprises, communities and youths. We hope to stimulate and pass on the local history and culture together."

  • 2017/08
    CTCI Turns Idle Landfill Into Photovoltaic Power Facility
    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of the global engineering services provider CTCI, has completed construction of a 2MW photovoltaic power facility at Tainan's Cheng-Hsi Refuse Incineration Plant. The two-hectare facility, completed on August 14th, is part of a two-phase development project that will have a total capacity of 12MW when fully completed in 2018, and which sits atop an idle landfill that once served the Tainan county area.

    The new facility will supply 550 households with electricity throughout the year, and serves as a role model for the use of idle landfills in Taiwan.

    GDDC, whose tender met the project’s stringent requirements in 2016, has assumed responsibility for equipment investment, construction, management, and maintenance. Electricity generated by the new facility will be sold to the Taiwan Power Company, generating a financial return for the Tainan city government, whilst also benefiting local communities.

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Latest Awards and Certifications

  • 2017/10
    CTCI Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu Honored with the CIE-USA Centennial Medal
    CTCI Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu has made outstanding contributions to the oil and petrochemical engineering field over the years, and won the Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA (CIE-USA) Centennial Medal honor. The medal presentation ceremony was held with the centennial celebration on October 14 at the Palisades Premier conference center in New York.

    The CIE-USA was founded on December 25, 1917 and is one of the oldest Chinese professional organizations and trade unions in the U.S. Its mission is to promote science, engineering, and technological development that covers civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, biomedicine, renewable energy, and other engineering fields in the various areas of the U.S. as well as support Chinese-Americans to become national-class professional scholars. One of its early leaders includes the renowned railway engineer Tianyou Zhan. The CIE-USA has held numerous important events in recent years, such as the Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) award, the Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar (METS), and the Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC) in order to promote and recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the science and engineering fields. The Centennial Medal honor won by Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu is considered a special honor for the CTCI Group.

  • 2017/10
    CTCI Group Won Numerous 2017 Taiwan Welding Society Awards
    The CTCI Group won numerous Taiwan Welding Society Awards, and the award ceremony was held during the October 27 general member assembly. The following are the introductions of our award-winning colleagues:

    ‧ CTCI Assistant Chief Engineer Chang Zong-Lin won the "Outstanding Welding Engineer Award"

    Assistant Chief Engineer Chang Zong-Lin has been working at CTCI for over 20 years, and has numerous professional welding-related licenses, including AWS SCWI and non-destructive testing technician of RT, PT, MT, and VT Level Ⅱ. During his tenure at CTCI, he has participated in many large-scale projects. Mr. Chang has also participated in improving welding technology for special materials for domestic and overseas projects, such as 9% nickel steel for cryogenic storage tanks, low-alloy high-strength steel for ultra-supercritical pressure power boiler, and automatic welding process technology application and development. He has been invited to be a welding inspector and professional training course lecturer for TWS, welding engineer potential lecturer for TWS/JWES (Japan Welding Engineering Society), and CTCI’s welding lecturer of employee training courses. Chang Zong-Lin has contributed significantly to engineering design, construction, and welding technology, as well as passing down of knowledge in these fields.

    ‧ CTCI Machinery Corporation welder Wang Kuan-Min won the "Outstanding Welder Award"

    Wang Kuan-Min is an outstanding welder at CTCI Group’s CTCI Machinery Corporation. Mr. Wang has over 22 years of welding experience with special alloys such as titanium, zirconium, aluminum, nickel, and copper, as well as having obtained many domestic and international welding certifications and licenses. He has participated in numerous large and important CTCI Group projects, and his welding quality has won the recognition of both domestic and international customers.

  • 2017/09
    CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for Three Years in a Row
    RobecoSAM announced the results of 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components on September 7th. CTCI has once again been selected in the Emerging Markets index for three years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry.

    The DJSI compares a company’s performance to those of its peers, in order to identify best practices across the economic, social and environmental dimensions of corporate sustainable development, including Corporate Governance, Risk & Crisis Management, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, Materiality, Occupational Health and Safety, etc. Special question items are designed for different industries as well. This year, CTCI scores exceptionally well, apart from improving itself to the sixth place in the Engineering & Construction category, CTCI scores the highest in the Engineering & Construction industry in the Economic Dimension in the percentile ranking. Moreover, CTCI is highly recognized for performances in Non-financial Project Evaluation, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Environmental Reporting, Social Reporting, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. This year, CTCI once again delivers world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various quarters; not only has it been continuously evaluated as Top 5% for listed companies’ information transparency in the Corporate Governance Evaluation System conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and Taipei Exchange; in 2016, CTCI once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine. With excellent performance in corporate sustainability, CTCI was also recognized with various achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including “Sustainable Corporate Award,” gold medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award,” “Transparency and Integrity Award,” and “Growth through Innovation Award”. CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu has been honored as the “Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professional” as well.

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