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  • 2018/09
    CTCI Secures an EPC Project with McDermott, Creating Thousands of Job Opportunities in the U.S.
    Taipei, TAIWAN—CTCI, Taiwan's largest EPC contractor, has recently secured an EPC Project in the southern United States by forming a Joint Venture, CTCI McDermott Integrated (CMI), with McDermott. Final investment decisions for this project are pending receipt of environmental permits.

    As the project, located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, moves forward, thousands of local job opportunities will be created.

    CMI has executed the front end engineering design (FEED) contract for the same plant in 2017. Pending receipt of environmental permits, the project is expected to be completed by Q1 2022.

    Consistent with comments from CTCI's Group Chairman at the contract signing ceremony; this project is of utmost importance to both CTCI and McDermott. Both CTCI and McDermott are confident that their strong performance demonstrated during the FEED phase will extend through the EPC phase. This includes achieving "No Hurts", delivering a high quality product that both CTCI and McDermott are known for as well as meeting the schedule.

  • 2018/08
    CTCI Enters High-End Cleanroom Market, Securing SDP Array Cleanroom Project at G10.5 Display Eco-industrial Park Invested by Foxconn Technology Group
    TAIPEI--CTCI Shanghai and CTCI SEC, subsidiaries of CTCI, have joined hands with Chiuho Engineering Co. Ltd. to win SDP Array Cleanroom Project of SAKAI SIO International GuangZhou Co., LTD, invested by Foxconn Technology Group. The project, located within the G10.5 Display Eco-industrial Park now under construction in Zengcheng Economic and Technological Park of Guangzhou, China, is of the world’s highest yield rate and productivity today. Scheduled to be completed in Oct. 2019, the project scope includes Cleanroom Decoration, Electrical, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Plumbing, and Process Supporting System. By participating in the LCD panel front-end process, CTCI officially enters the high-end cleanroom market and build a track record.

    CTCI Shanghai Co., Ltd. has acquired various construction licenses in engineering contracting in China and abundant experiences in local suppliers and construction management. CTCI SEC (CTCI Smart Engineering Inc.) is based in Taiwan and is a specialist in providing intelligent engineering services to the clients in the hi-tech industries. Over the years, the two CTCI companies have built a track record in the construction of hi-tech plants and clean rooms in the Chinese, Taiwan and overseas markets. Given the fact that Chiuho Engineering Co. Ltd. is a leader in high-tech fab, LCD fab and front-end Cleanroom constructions, by working together, CTCI is able to stand out in this fierce competition and to realize its brand spirit of being the most reliable global engineering services provider.

  • 2018/08
    CTCI Joins Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals: Enterprises, Academia, and Government Work Together to Promote Sustainable Development
    The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs), a joint effort initiated by cross-sector stakeholders from enterprises, government, academia, and NGOs to build a resource sharing platform for sustainable development know-hows, held its founding ceremony on August 21st. Committed to sustainable development, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu made a special appearance at the meeting together with more than 200 guests from over 100 organizations to promote cross-sector cooperation efforts. It is hoped that through this joint effort, a platform to share information and resources for sustainable development can be built and benefits all industries and sectors in Taiwan.

    Vice President of the Republic of China Chen Chien-Jen and Premier William Lai were also invited to attend the founding ceremony. It is hoped that NGOs and the government can work together to promote Taiwan's sustainable development goals, taking the promotion of sustainable development to rise to the next level. The chairman of the alliance, Ambassador Eugene Chien hopes that the public and private sectors can actively integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their operational development strategies and fully implement these goals.

    During the founding ceremony event, the organizers specially invited Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CEO from CTCI Group Shared Services to share a best case SDGs study. Speaking on "The Most Reliable Corporate Citizen," Hsiao explained how CTCI fulfills corporate social responsibilities, taking economic, environmental and social development concerns into account while conducting engineering projects, and how CTCI is able to follow and respond to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), actively promote green engineering, and striving to become the "Most Reliable Corporate Citizen".


Awards & Certifications

  • 2018/09
    CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for 4 Years in a Row: the Only Enterprise in Engineering & Construction Industry in Taiwan
    RobecoSAM recently announced the results of 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components. CTCI has been selected in the Emerging Markets index for 4 years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry. This year, CTCI improves itself to the 4th place in the Engineering & Construction category, and retained the top place in the Economic Dimension, sustains its position as an industry leader in Taiwan.

    In 2018, totally 3,504 companies were invited by RobecoSAM globally to participate in the DJSI Index assessment, while CTCI was listed by DJSI in its Emerging Markets index. For Emerging Markets index, 94 enterprises, including CTCI, were selected from the 802 participating enterprises. This year, CTCI is highly recognized for its performances in Economic and Social Dimension, which ranks the 1st and 2nd place among its peers, respectively. It also performs well in non-financial criteria including Policy Influence, Codes of Business Conduct, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. In 2017, CTCI launched a Fast Track Talent Development Program to systematically build the required capabilities in high-potential employees to meet the requirements for talents in the long-term. This has also helped CTCI to make a breakthrough in the Human Capital Development criterion, and for which it was given a full mark. Additionally, CTCI implemented sustainability impact assessment and is the first enterprise certified with ISO 45001:2018 by International Standard Organization. CTCI also convened a Supplier Meeting to partners with its global suppliers to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences.

    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various quarters; it is once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine, and was also recognized with various achievements in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award. CTCI is committed to continuously deliver world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

  • 2018/08
    CTCI Corp., ECOVE, CTCI ASI Won the 2018 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award by CommonWealth Magazine
    The Top 100 results for the 2018 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award organized by CommonWealth magazine have come out. Three CTCI companies have made the list. CTCI Corporation was ranked 24th in the large enterprise category, while ECOVE once again came in 3rd under medium-sized enterprise. CTCI ASI, a first-time participant, finished 9th. The award ceremony was held on August 29.

    This is the 11th time CTCI Corp. has won the excellence in CSR award since it first came to be held in 2007. CTCI received high scores in corporate governance, corporate commitment, and social participation as well as in environmental protection. Apart from steady growth in operations and adherence to sustainable development, CTCI has always applied its core competence in green engineering technologies to provide customers with environmental protection and energy-saving solutions that are economically viable. CTCI strives to innovate and improve green competitiveness in the industry, in addition to presenting the concept of environmental protection to subcontractors. Through business influence, the aim is to encourage all parties in the value chain to reduce pollution, lower impact on human health and decrease the risk of environmental destruction in order to contribute to environmental sustainability.

    Once again finishing in 3rd place under medium-sized enterprise, ECOVE has applied its expertise in waste-to-energy and actively participated in the certification of environmental education facilities. It also designed environmental education courses based on the characteristics of incineration plants, human factors and geography. At the same time, citizens and schoolchildren are invited to visit local plants in an effort to improve public knowledge of environmental protection. It has been an effective use of business influence in the education of environmental issues such as energy conservation, carbon reduction and resource recycling.

    The first-time winner CTCI ASI has also applied its core competence in innovative research and development, dedicating itself to smart plants, airports, manufacturing, process safety and facility intelligent solutions. In addition, it is committed to the creation of energy data, as well as the development of energy performance management platforms and energy management solutions. This has in turn led to more green engineering management in all levels of the domestic supply chain, and its positive results have been recognized.

    Along with other members of the group, CTCI is working to fulfill responsibilities as a world citizen and has incorporated core operations to make better use of business influence. It strives to benefit business, society and the environment in order to contribute to sustainable development on a global scale.

  • 2018/07
    Five Energy-from-Waste Plants Operated & Managed by ECOVE Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA 2017-2018 Annual Appraisal
    CTCI’s affiliate company, ECOVE, has long been dedicated to improve resource cycling efficiency; the efforts have been recognized with the annual evaluations for incineration plants organized by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). ECOVE Miaoli Plant honored with the premium award; Keelung Plant, Taoyuan Plant, Houli Plant, and Wujih Plant honored with the Excellence Award. The award ceremony was held on July 3rd.

    Miaoli Plant, having been awarded six years successively and set a record, deals with 170,000 metric tons of waste every year and generates 95,000 MWh of energy which could supply 26,000 household with electricity throughout the year. Also, the plant commits to lower greenhouse gases and reduces 40,000 metric tons of carbon emission.

    In terms of community development, the major environmental education site built by ECOVE adopted the neighboring beach and invited coworkers as well as local residents for cleaning campaign. In the meantime, the plant was rated as a 5-Star environmental education facility title by EPA for turning into an environmental classroom where enthusiastic volunteers offered guided tours.

    Houli and Wujih Plant, taking lead in the performance among the 24 incineration plants in Taiwan evaluated, cooperatively process 590,000 metric tons of waste annually, generate 350,000 MWh of energy which could supply electricity to 98,000 households for one year. In terms of electricity selling rate, Houli Plant is 82.83% while Wujih Plant is 80.36%; both of the two numbers are higher than national average.

    Furthermore, Taoyuan Plant, having won its 8th award, rated as No. 1 in terms of the amount of waste annually (440,000 metric tons) and electricity selling rate (87.4%).
    The committee also praised the good operating performances for waste control and the certification of environmental education site at Keelung Plant. The plant has also been actively involved in good-neighbor activities to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and neighborhood caring.

    Criteria of the nationwide annual evaluations for incineration plants include operating performance, waste landing inspection, incineration plant slag, and stabilized fly ash control, all of which are conducted on site randomly.

    The 5 awards confirm the long-term commitment and performance of ECOVE. In the days to comes, ECOVE will continuously commit to improve operating performance, environmental protection, pollution prevention, carbon reduction, and technical upgrading to contribute to the community.


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