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  • 2020/05
    Taiwan: CTCI Takes Part in 2020 CSR Captain Program-Spring Action to Share CSR Best Practices Online
    The 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Captain Program-Spring Action workshop, co-hosted by CTCI Education Foundation, Center for Corporate Sustainability, and I-Shou University, ended successfully on May 2. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop this year was held online for the first time. In total, 60 students coming from 10 universities and colleges, and divided into 15 teams, joined the event to learn about CSR practices of three benchmark companies. Candy Hu, General Manager of Brand Management Department at CTCI, talked about how CTCI fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by aligning to the CTCI’s “the Most Reliable” brand spirit. Now in the 40th year since its founding, CTCI has adopted total participation CSR excellence practice based on its core competencies, and aggressively strives for a sustainable vision built upon economic, environmental, and social aspects, as well as a vision that calls for “becoming a guardian of the Earth with innovative green engineering technologies.”

    During the workshop, experts taught students how to write CSR Captain Program reports based on the “Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) mock risk assessment” framework. The workshop aims for creativity flourishing among students and to see interesting proposals. Final presentation and awards ceremony will be held on May 30. It is believed that these rich and practical courses will allow students to have better idea of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

  • 2020/04
    Taiwan: CTCI Strikes Deal with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners in Pin Pile Supply for Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Farms, Solidifying Its Position in Offshore Wind Power Sector
    Following a successful contract award for an offshore wind turbine transition pieces project in 2019, CTCI MAC, a subsidiary of CTCI--the largest EPC turnkey project services contractor in Taiwan, has recently secured “Changfang and Xidao (CFXD) Offshore Wind Farm Pin Pile (PP) Supply Agreement” with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). This contract award further solidifies CTCI’s position in the offshore wind power sector.

    Located off the coast of Changhua in central Taiwan, the multi-billion TWD wind farm project will see 186 PPs to be manufactured by CTCI MAC for 62 wind turbines--the largest number of PPs to be manufactured by a single contractor in Taiwan to date, helping to generate up to 600 MW of power once operations begin in 2022. This is equivalent to an annual power consumption of 600,000 households.

    The Denmark-based CIP, which is responsible for the development, construction, and operation of the CFXD Project, is one of the global leaders in the offshore wind sector.

    To ensure production and delivery on time, CTCI MAC has already begun sourcing subcomponents and preparing machines and tools since this February. Formal production will commence by this August, with manufactured PPs to be delivered in batches in July 2021. To facilitate the transportation of PPs from Kaohsiung Port to the project site off Changhua, CTCI MAC has set up CTCI MAC Ta-Lin Shop in Nansing Free Trade Zone in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

    CTCI MAC has 40 years of experience in manufacturing pressure vessels, and has obtained both European certifications EN 1090 (EU Steel Structure Certification) and ISO 3834 (Welding Quality Management System Certification) since November 2017. By demonstrating its professional production and management capabilities pertaining to production planning, quality control, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental protection) and shipping, CTCI MAC is a preferred partner for wind power developers.

    Taiwanese government has been carrying out offshore wind power localization policy that aims for 5.5 GW power generating capacity by the year 2025. In addition to supporting the government’s offshore wind power policies, CTCI has been actively engaging in the power development and plant constructions for other kinds of renewable energies or efficient energies, such as solar, biomass, and natural gas. In the long run, CTCI will help to provide clean energy with low- or even zero-carbon emissions as well as stable power supply.

  • 2020/03
    Taiwan: ECOVE Transforms Idle Landfill into Photovoltaic Power Plant: Jing-Liao PV Plant in Tainan Now in Commercial Operation

    ECOVE, Taiwan's largest environmental resource management corporation under the parent company CTCI, announces that it has completed the synchronization of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant at the Jing-Liao Landfill in Tainan City. As Taiwan’s leading company in the solar power sector, ECOVE invested and constructed Jing-Liao Photovoltaic Power Plant, which is expected to generate 1,080 MWh of green power, enough to supply about 300 households and cut down 575 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by 1.4 Da'an Forest Park, the largest park in Taipei.

    In recent years, Tainan City Government endeavors to promote multiple land uses and produce green energy on idle lands. In collaboration with the city government, ECOVE has engaged in a series of projects to plan, invest, construct, and operate photovoltaic power facilities at idle landfills; up till today, it has completed 12 photovoltaic power constructions, including Xin-Ying Plant, Cheng-Hsi Plant, Yan-Shui Plant, Ma-Dou Plant, and Jing-Liao Plant. In total, the 12 power facilities can generate up to 19,000 MWh of green power, enough to supply 5,225 households and cut down 10,127 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by 26 Taipei Da'an Park.

    In Taiwan, a small island with high population density, acquiring land for installing PV power plants is not easy. That is why ECOVE chooses idle landfills as building sites for PV power plants, offering merits of land revitalization, low pollution, and green energy generation. In the coming days, ECOVE will continue to support the government in renewable energy projects to achieve the green energy goal.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2020/02
    Oman: CTCI Breaks Safety Record in LPIC EPC1 Steam Cracker with Off-Site Work & Utilities Project, Achieving 70 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injuries
    CTCI and McDermott joint venture contracted LPIC EPC1 Steam Cracker with Off-Site Work & Utilities Project by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC) in Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC). The team successfully broke a new safety record of 70 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injuries in February this year following the over 60 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injuries record reached in September 2019 for onsite HSE management performance.

    The safety record has been accumulated from Apr. 2016 till Feb. 2020. CTCI and its JV partner McDermott demonstrate excellent project integration and execution capabilities. Even at the onset of the commissioning stage, when major milestones including Cryogenic Flare Light Up, Boiler A Light Up, and Ethylene Import were performed, the project team managed to deliver high HSE performance in compliance with related onsite regulations, further attaining a record of 70 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injuries. CTCI is committed to attaining the goal of no hurt by joining hands with its business partners and subcontractors.

  • 2020/01
    Taiwan: ECOVE, A Company of CTCI, Becomes the First Taiwanese Solar PV Investor to Join US-Based Green-e® Energy Certification Program
    ECOVE Solar Energy Corp., an affiliate of ECOVE under the parent company CTCI, announced that its Lumberton Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (PVPP) in the USA is taking part in the Green-e® Energy Certification Program on Jan. 1. ECOVE becomes Taiwan’s first solar PV investor participating in the international certification program, enabling the company to continuously strengthen efficiency and quality of renewable energy, as well as further position itself in the green energy trading market through participation in an impartial third-party verification program.

    ECOVE possesses extensive experience in investment, development, construction, and operation of solar PVPPs in Taiwan and the US. Currently, all ECOVE’s solar-power plants have cumulatively generated about 130 million kWh of green electricity and reduced 73,000 metric tons of carbon emission. In the future, it will keep expanding businesses in renewable energy sectors and make contributions to environmental protection.

    ECOVE’s Lumberton Solar Plant, the 3rd largest investment of Taiwanese business in the eastern US, occupies an area of 165,000 m² in the state of New Jersey, and generates about 12,000 MWh of green energy annually, the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are also sold to Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) market in New Jersey. Lumberton Solar PVPP has contributed to the reduction of environmental warming According to the ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION No. 249 of New Jersey Legislature, ECOVE’s Lumberton Solar Plant was introduced and commended as follows:
    “In 2016, Taiwan G.D. Development Corporation (Note: former name of ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation) completed the Lumberton Solar Power Plant, generating 12,000 MWh of green energy and reducing 23,000 metric tons of carbon emission annually.” (kindly refer to:

    Green-e® Energy is an independent third-party certification program for renewable energy around the world. All the requirements stipulated by the standard must be met before Green-e® Energy is used for marketing by participants. The US-based NGO Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) administers the Green-e® program, which helps to increase the quality and transparency of renewable energy offered to consumers and businesses. Currently, more than half of voluntary renewable energy sales in the US market are verified and certified through CRS.

    CRS is promoting Green-e™ Energy certification program in Taiwan and developing the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard For Taiwan ROC. As Taiwan’s leading company in the Solar PV industry, ECOVE is approved by CRS to use the Green-e® Energy logo in the US; ECOVE will share its experience with the industry peers, and makes contribution to enhancing efficiency and quality in Taiwan’s renewable energy services in coming days.

  • 2019/12
    Taiwan: CTCI Honored with Four Awards in “Public Constructions Golden Quality Award,” the Highest Honor in Public Construction Works
    Winners of the 19th Public Constructions Golden Quality Award (2019) organized by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, has been announced; the award is recognized as the highest honor in public construction works nationally. Three projects executed by CTCI REI and CTCI SEC have won four excellence awards, once again demonstrating the “Most Reliable” engineering service quality.

    ‧“San-Chung District, San-Chung Commercial and Industrial Vocational High School Underground Parking–EPC Project” contracted by CTCI REI awarded for construction excellence

    This is an EPC project for a new-construction of two-story underground parking lot. CTCI REI skillfully integrates green energy and smart solutions to help New Taipei City build a “breathable” smart parking lot. In order to implement the green energy design concept – “energy-saving, resource-saving, and low pollution”–, we used a ground-cutting method and placed it with a ventilation lighting well that connects to the 2nd underground floor to bring wind, sunshine and plantation directly into the parking space. The thin-layered green roof with elevated-stone floors and rainwater recycling ponds at the bottom of the lighting well floor, can achieve multiple benefits such as landscaping, walking safety, and rainwater recycling. The smart parking management system used for the parking management can provide services such as auto car-search, parking vacancy guidance system (lot occupancy detection, parking lane guidance), smart toll system, etc., to provide the first fully equipped parking lot in New Taipei City. In addition, Building Information Modeling (BIM) was also introduced right at the design stage, and the construction 3D model was used to assist the design and construction interface to effectively improve construction safety inspection and work efficiency. The completion of this project, aside from easing the local neighborhood parking demand preserving campus green space and the foundation for future academia building, has created a multi-win situation for the school and the community.

    ‧“The Planning, Design and Supervision of the Reconstruction Project of Huaxing Bridge in Chiayi City” contracted by CTCI REI awarded for civil engineering design excellence

    Before reconstruction, the bridge was often closed due to typhoon, which had a huge impact on the local traffic.

    CTCI REI collected the hydrological data of Puzi River basin over the years and deliberated with relevant units to provide the best reconstruction plan for Huaxing bridge in the planning stage, including heightening the bridge beam bottom and straightening the route to improve the traffic safety and enhance the flood control during the flood season. During the construction stage, the old bridge was open to alleviate the traffic congestion and sidewalks were added to reduce the impact on pedestrians. In the bridge construction stage, BIM was introduced to build 3D model to solve the construction conflict points so as to improve the quality of the project. After the completion of the bridge piers, adjustment of Puzi River channel was made to decrease the impact of flood on piers and increase the durability of bridges. Art installations representing local culture were decorated on the completed bridge. In addition to improving the safety and quality of life of the residents, the beautiful light sculpture at night has also made the bridge a popular local Facebook check-in location.

    ‧“The Social Housing of North of Zhongyang New Village in Xindian District” contracted by CTCI SEC awarded for construction excellence

    As a multi-family residential project combined with ecological wisdom, CTCI SEC reviews the pipeline with BIM model, effectively reducing the possibility of construction conflicts and design changes. Besides, equipment information has been imported into BIM model to expedite management efficiency and assist future takeover and maintenance

    Equipped with dedicated water meter room on the roof floor, the building successfully avoids the mess of roof pipes and provides residents a more comfortable and restful farm space which sets a precedent for multi-family dwelling. In addition, the building has also won the honor of Green Building Gold Label, Intelligent Building Copper Label, and candidate of Certificate for Universal Design.

    As an intelligent building, a variety of smart technology applications, including License Plate Recognition System, small scale weather station, multi-media digital signage and smart meters have been integrated with community-specific app system. Likewise, for green energy use, charging equipment for electric vehicles and motorcycles as well as solar panels are implemented; furthermore, rainwater harvesting system is applied to the sprinkler irrigation system. Once completed, the building could provide various services for residents, including public daycare facilities for the handicapped and elderly, and shopping areas.


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