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CTCI (TWSE: 9933, TPEx: 5209, TPEx: 6803) is world renowned as a leader in the provision of reliable engineering services. Founded in the 1970s at the onset of Taiwan's rise as a major global economy, CTCI emerged as the national leader in the hydrocarbon processing industry and an active player in the international power, environmental, transportation and industrial markets. An uncompromising approach to quality coupled with an eagerness to learn, enabled us to become a truly global provider of engineering services. Now, respected domestic and international clients have made CTCI their engineering partner of choice for projects across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Reliable & Responsive

A root-and-branch commitment to reliability underpins these relationships because we aim to foster long-term partnerships and knowledge sharing. Our clients trust us because we are one of the most responsive companies in the industry, and are ever ready to adapt to their needs. A commitment never to let our partners down motivates us, and manifests itself in an outstanding track record of completing projects on time, within budget, to optimum quality standards, and with an exemplary safety record.

Smart Engineering, Smarter Engineers

These achievements are also a result of sustained investment in smart engineering. CTCI prides itself on pioneering innovative cloud-based project management tools, which allow us to adapt and solve problems as they occur, resulting in improved cost efficiencies and industry-leading quality. We also provide digital learning assistance to all our staff so our organization advances as one; maintaining the same level of quality no matter where in the world our employees are operating. 

Sustainable Service Provider

Our dedication to reliability extends to a genuine focus on sustainability; one that is evident in our inclusion in the Emerging Markets Index Membership category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In the pursuit of furthering the reach and impact of our sustainable operations, CTCI in 1999 established affiliate ECOVE Environment Corporation (TPEx: 6803) as a full range environmental services provider focused on resource conservation and related sustainable services. 

These elements underpin CTCI’s drive to become the world’s most reliable engineering services provider. To find out more, visit the Discover Reliable section of our website.

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CTCI Annual Revenue 2017

(Base value: TWD 71.6 billion I USD 2.4 billion)

CTCI Backlog 2017

(Base value: TWD 166.3 billion I USD 5.6 billion)

CTCI New Contracts 2017

(Base value: TWD 44.4 billion I USD 1.5 billion)

CTCI Company Introductions

CTCI is comprised of a group of specialized companies and affiliates that work in unison to achieve our goal of leading the world in the provision of reliable engineering services.
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  • CTCI Corporation (TWSE: 9933)
    CTCI Corporation (TWSE: 9933) is a global engineering services provider that offers a comprehensive range of services, products, and solutions. Since its founding in 1979, CTCI has strived to deliver the world’s most reliable engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and project management services. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, CTCI serves the hydrocarbon, power, environmental, transportation and industrial markets. The company is Taiwan’s leading EPC services provider, with 7,400 employees in more than a dozen local offices worldwide, and is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability™ Emerging Markets Index. 

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  • CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (TPEx: 5209)
    CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (formerly Advanced Control & Systems Inc.) (TPEx: 5209) is a global leader in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and mechanical, electrical & control systems integration. Since its founding in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1987, CTCI ASI has strived to provide reliable, intelligent, and sustainable environments to our global clients in the hydrocarbon, power, environmental, transportation and industrial markets. CTCI ASI offers services including planning, design, integration, and engineering.

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  • ECOVE Environment Corporation (TPEx: 6803)
    ECOVE Environment Corporation (TPEx: 6803) — an affiliate of CTCI, a global engineering services provider — is an environmental services provider specializing in Energy-from-Waste (EfW), waste management, wastewater recycling, solar power and PET recycling. Founded in the midst of Taiwan’s waste crisis in 1994, we quickly became a leader in effective waste management and resource recovery. With our main focus on recovering more value from otherwise wasted resources, we have continuously increased efficiency across our EfW, solar power, and recycling plants. Public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and the United States have trusted ECOVE for environmental services in operations and maintenance, consulting, and investment and development.

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  • CTCI Resources Engineering Inc.
    CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., founded in 1988, is a leading EPC company that provides turnkey engineering solutions for public infrastructure and expert in civil and transportation projects. The scope of EPC services includes planning, design, construction, testing and verification. Besides, ground freezing and jacking-movement are two special technology owned by CTCI REI.

  • CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation
    CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation is a provider of reliable project management, engineering and design, procurement, and construction services for the public and private sectors. Founded in 1980, CTCI SEC provides intelligent engineering services to the clients in the hi-tech industries, high-rise buildings and infrastructure business. The company also specializes in the building, revamping, and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and has earned itself the acclaims of the domestic and overseas power market with its excellent services.

  • CTCI Machinery Corporation
    CTCI Machinery Corporation  is a provider of equipment fabrication work and related technical support. Established in 2007, CTCI MAC's principal products include static equipment such as pressure vessels, towers, heat exchangers, furnaces, storage tanks and condensers, as well as the pre-fabrication of steel structures and piping. The company also offers EPC and maintenance services to clients in the hydrocarbon, power and environmental industries. 

  • CTCI Chemicals Corporation
    CTCI Chemicals Corporation is a provider of comprehensive chemical additives solutions for the hydrocarbon and environmental markets. Established in 1999, CTCI CHC provides testing, monitoring, maintaining, and dosage adjusting services. The company offers a number of its own chemical solutions and formulas, and acts as the agent for a variety of additive solutions and catalysts provided by international partners for the petrochemical and refining industries. 

  • CTCI Development Corporation
    CTCI Development Corporation, established in 1999, is an investment holding company wholly-owned by CTCI Corporation, which engages in real estate investment and leasing.

  • CTCI Investment Corporation
    CTCI Investment Corporation, established in 1999, is an investment holding company wholly owned by CTCI Corporation, positioned to invest in public and private companies in industries including electronics, electrical engineering, information communication, financial, manufacturing and construction.