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  • 2017/12
    Saudi Kayan Furnace-10 Project Successfully Reaches Mechanical Completion
    Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), one of the three largest petrochemical producers globally, has provided project management services for its affiliate Saudi Kayan Furnace-10 and Olefin Debottlenecking Project (SKF-10 Project) contracted with CTCI. CTCI had completed Furnace-10 (Cracking Furnace Package) on July 31st, 2017, and the olefin Debottlenecking (ODBN) related works was completed on 15th December 2017, which includes improving of cooling water circulation system, adding an extraction tower system, and improving the performance for part of column. The annual output of ethylene will be augmented by up to 12.2 %.

    SKF-10 Project is located in the Jubail Industrial City. Executing the revamping works in the existing olefin-recycling unit requires further compliance with the operating plant, which presents a challenge to the project team. Under the stringent and complicated operating environment, the owner conducts regular EHSS audits and nationwide work safety competitions; Project team was able to accumulate 1.6 million safety hours without lost time injury and even selected as winner of Best EHSS Mega Project Performer in 2nd Quarter 2017 for outperforming contractors from worldwide. This achievement has strengthened CTCI’s track record in the Middle East for winning customer trust with exceptional quality.

  • 2017/12
    Grooming of Engineering Talent—The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship
    The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship award, each valued at NT$100,000, was presented to 9 outstanding students at a ceremony held on Dec. 16, 2017, at the headquarters of CTCI.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Group shared services CEO, Ming-Cheng Hsiao hoped that CTCI would be able to nurture the domestic engineering talent through this scholarship, and help the students make their contribution to the whole society at large.

    CTCI has established this scholarship in 2011, and formed CTCI Education Foundation in 2016 to cultivate and reward outstanding young students. This year, the evaluation of the scholarship has been made more rigorous involving scrutiny of academic achievement, recommendations from faculty, monographic study proposal. CTCI hopes that these efforts would strengthen the link between the industry and academia, and help students learn the practices followed by the industry.

    The guests at the ceremony included Prof. Yu-Chee Tseng from NCTU, Prof. Shi-Lin Hung from NCTU, Prof. Xuan- De Hu from NCKU, Associate Prof. Xing-Yang Chung from NCKU, Prof. Zhao-Zhang Chen from NTUST,Prof. Sheam-Chyun Lin from NTUST, Prof. Cheng-Chien Kuo from NTUST, winners of the scholarship and their families, and the departmental heads of CTCI.

    After the conclusion of the ceremony, a tea party was arranged wherein the invited students, faculty, and managers of CTCI interacted with each other to help the students gain a knowledge of the functioning of CTCI.

    The following is the list of the winners of 2017 CTCI Education Foundation scholarship:
    ‧Department of Chemical Engineering, NTU: Hsiang-Hsuan Cheng
    ‧Department of Mechanical Engineering, NTUST: Yu-Song Haung
    ‧Department of Electrical Engineering, NTUST: Ting-I Su
    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NCTU: An-Hou Hsu, Pei-Chin Wu
    ‧Institute of Network Engineering, NCTU: Chun-Che Wu
    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NCKU: Jyun-Cheng Jhuo, Yu-Hung Pai
    ‧Department of Computer Science and information Engineering, CCU: Yu-Wei Wen

  • 2017/11
    CTCI Secures New Contract from Petronas, Beating Major International EPC Contractors with a Reliable Track Record
    With years of cultivation and development in the Malaysia hydrocarbon market, CTCI contracted RAPID P1 RFCC Project of PETRONAS in 2014 with a contract value of USD 1 billion. The strong innovative technological expertise and project execution capability of CTCI in the P1 Project has won the owner’s recognition and trust, which led PETRONAS to once again commission CTCI together with MIE Indurstial Sdn Bhd, CTCI's local partner, for the RAPID Package 28B EPCC of Euro 5 Mogas CNHT2, Isomerization, TAME and Tankage Project this November. The contract signing ceremony has been held successfully in Kuala Lumpur.

    PETRONAS Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas embarked on the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) which comprises of the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) and associated facilities. The project has attracted much attention from major international EPC contractors vying for the bid. By securing the Package 28B contract, CTCI becomes the only EPC contractor to win 2 refinery contracts within the PIC.

    CTCI has established the CTCI Engineering & Construction Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia back in 1983, aiming to explore and cultivate the local hydrocarbon market and get hold of the business opportunities of power plant constructions. Once the new project is delivered, the plant will produce high quality gasoline product in compliance with the stringent EURO-5 emissions standard, striking a balance between economic development and environmental protection in Malaysia.

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Latest Awards and Certifications

  • 2018/01
    CTCI Machinery Corp. Becomes Taiwan's First Pressure Equipment Manufacturer Certified to Both European and American Standards
    CTCI Machinery Corp., a member of CTCI Group, recently raised the bar on Taiwan’s industrial quality by obtaining at one stroke from TÜV Rheinland Group of Germany three certifications, namely PED (EU Pressure Equipment Directive), EN 1090 (EU Structural Steel Certification) and ISO 3834 (Welding Quality Management System Certification), and becomes the first pressure equipment and steel structure manufacturer in Taiwan that is simultaneously certified to both European and American standards of manufacturing technology and service capabilities.

    Established in 1979 and formerly known as the Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop of CTCI Corp., CTCI Machinery Corp. of CTCI Group offers a full range of equipment for plant construction needs with its specialized technical and management services. Its clients include major corporations such as CPC Corp., Formosa Plastics, Taipower and China Steel Corp. CTCI Machinery Corp. provides services in the production and installation of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, condensers, furnaces, large storage tanks, boilers, etc. The company has received delegating authority from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) of Nuclear Component Certification (N, NPT, NA, NS), general pressure vessels, and the certification marks on boilers and power piping (U, U2, S, PP), along with the “R” stamp issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector.

    TÜV Rheinland Group, a global provider of certification and technical services, provides inspection, testing, certification and auditing services in industrial service sectors such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemicals, energy and power, construction and process industries. With the newly acquired three certifications, CTCI Machinery Corp. becomes the first manufacturer in Taiwan certified to both European and American standards. Whether it is dealing with the underwater foundation structures of offshore wind turbines in Taiwan or exporting pressure equipment abroad, CTCI Machinery Corp. provides the most reliable, professional services both at home and abroad with top-notch quality and highest value.

  • 2017/12
    Group Chairman John T. Yu Honored with “National Outstanding CEO Award” from Vice President Chen for Guiding CTCI Group to Achieve Global Competitiveness
    As the largest EPC turn-key turnkey engineering contractor in Taiwan, CTCI Group has operated for nearly 40 years, and has grown from a local, small-scale engineering company to one of the top 100 global engineering brands worldwide as well as a coveted partner by many global enterprises. CTCI's global footprints have covered multiple economic zones throughout Asia, the Middle East and America; moreover, it has also demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of corporate governance, quality and engineering safety, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It has also been nominated as a constituent stock in the Emerging Market Sustainability Index by DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. CTCI Group Chairman John Yu has won the 2nd “National Outstanding CEO Award” from the Chinese Professional Management Association (CPMA) for his outstanding leadership skills in enhancing CTCI's global competitiveness. To honor his contributions, the award was presented by Vice President Chen Chien-Jen during the awards ceremony on December 9th.

    “National Outstanding CEO Award” honors CEO of organizations who have reaped positive profit over the last five consecutive years, and demonstrated exceptional performance. During Vice President Chen's speech, he pointed out that excellent professional managers are important promoters in the economic upgrade and transformation of Taiwan. Besides enhancing the competitive edge of their own businesses, they can also create economic benefits for the country. Besides solidifying our roots in Taiwan, CTCI Group is also actively expanding to the global market. Through fearless ambitions and competencies that rival both our Asian and global counterparts, CTCI has successfully established its global competitiveness, and is currently one of the few Taiwanese engineering groups that can rival world-class engineering companies.

    Chairman Yu has also stated in his acceptance speech that the honor was both a glory and an encouragement after having dedicated his entire life to the engineering industry and to CTCI. He would also like to dedicate the award to CTCI Group, which has operated tirelessly in Taiwan for nearly 40 years and to all colleagues that have worked diligently with him. Looking to the future, CTCI Group will continue to provide the most reliable engineering services, while revamping itself to become an ideal brand to all workers and attract talents to the engineering industry. Moreover, CTCI aspires to speak up for the domestic engineering industry, to enhance the global image of Taiwanese businesses. And through these efforts, CTCI anticipates to lead everyone in the engineering business to expand globally so that the entire world can get to know CTCI and to increase the international visibility of Taiwan!

  • 2017/12
    CTCI SVP Jung-Yu Han Recognized as Top 100 MVP Managers 2017 by "Manager Today"
    Mr. Jung-Yu Han, SVP and Head of Engineering Division at CTCI, has supervised CTCI’s technical operations teams to keep up with the trend of EPC project execution and actively promote the iEPC intelligent turnkey service solutions. By adopting Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to simulate construction progress at site, together with exploring the use of robots in construction job sites for a variety of tasks, CTCI is able to adapt to changes in the rapidly changing environment and open up a new horizon. Mr. Han’s effort will have an effect to great extent to Taiwan's engineering services industry as it will expand management’s vision and exert greater influence in the future. Mr. Han was awarded the “100 MVP Managers 2017 – Future Manager”. The award ceremony was held at the Westin Taipei on December 1st.

    “Manager Today” magazine held the first “100 MVP Managers” in 2008 to recognize and celebrate Taiwan's top-flight managers. Since then, the annual event continues to seek out 100 outstanding managers of the year from government and industry, both domestic and overseas. There are more than 500 top-tier candidates from Taiwan’s top 1000 companies for this year. Among them, a total of 100 top-flight management talent are selected from the six major sub-categories, namely future manager, product innovation, marketing innovation, organization management innovation, service innovation and social benefit innovation, as the role models for other professional managers in Taiwan.

    In response to the trend of Industry 4.0, CTCI Group has employed new engineering technologies by incorporating intelligent high-tech applications, and adopted innovative approaches to create competitive differentiation and advantage against its competitors. SVP Jung-Yu Han has led CTCI’s technical operations teams to achieve an outstanding performance in intelligent and innovative applications. With his 100 MVP Managers Award, Mr. Han has demonstrated an innovative new way for Taiwan's engineering services industry to take in order to manage and leverage the innovation to build competitive advantage for the future.

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