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  • 2018/09
    CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for 4 Years in a Row: the Only Enterprise Elected in Engineering & Construction Industry in Taiwan
    RobecoSAM recently announced the results of 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components. CTCI has been selected in the Emerging Markets index for 4 years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry. This year, CTCI improves itself to the 4th place in the Engineering & Construction category, and retained the top place in the Economic Dimension, sustains its position as an industry leader in Taiwan.

    In 2018, totally 3,504 companies were invited by RobecoSAM globally to participate in the DJSI Index assessment, while CTCI was listed by DJSI in its Emerging Markets index. For Emerging Markets index, 94 enterprises, including CTCI, were selected from the 802 participating enterprises. This year, CTCI is highly recognized for its performances in Economic and Social Dimension, which ranks the 1st and 2nd place among its peers, respectively. It also performs well in non-financial criteria including Policy Influence, Codes of Business Conduct, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. In 2017, CTCI launched a Fast Track Talent Development Program to systematically build the required capabilities in high-potential employees to meet the requirements for talents in the long-term. This has also helped CTCI to make a breakthrough in the Human Capital Development criterion, and for which it was given a full mark. Additionally, CTCI implemented sustainability impact assessment and is the first enterprise certified with ISO 45001:2018 by International Standard Organization. CTCI also convened a Supplier Meeting to partners with its global suppliers to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences.
    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various

    quarters; it is once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine, and was also recognized with various achievements in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award. CTCI is committed to continuously deliver world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

  • 2018/07
    CTCI and Its Subsidiary Listed by the Newly Launched Taiwan Sustainability Index
    Having a high confidence level of non-profit organizations and academically independent professionalism, Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI) is the first system in Taiwan sorting international and domestic integrated indicators. According to the selection result published by TWSI, CTCI Corp. and its subsidiary, ECOVE ENC, are both on the list of top 40listed components. CTCI Corp. even ranks top 1/3 on this list. In this competition, CTCI Corp. and ECOVE ENC both stood out among 209 excellent candidates for their sustainable development performance. When pursuing the business growth, these companies can also juggle the sustainable development in economic, environmental and social aspects to create a positive cycle and a win-win-win situation for companies, investors and the society.

    TWSI is a high confidence level index selected by both Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and College of Business in National Taipei University that cooperated with each other. The selection is based on the SEED standards, including fours aspects such as society (S), economics (E), environment (E) and disclosure (D) and combining with more than 300 international and domestic indicators, as well as top academic research discoveries. In addition, among 209 candidates participating in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) over last years, they selected those outstanding companies that fulfilled the corporate social responsibility and promoted the sustainable development. According to the data integration made by both sides and based on the cross analysis, the top 40 components with comprehensive performance were selected. Their market capitalization weighted index covers about 43.85% of the total market capitalization.

    In recent years, CTCI has been awarded recognition for its corporate social responsibility as well as the promotion of sustainable development. CTCI not only has been selected for years as a component of the Emerging Markets Index by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), selected on the list of CommonWealth Magazine for the Top 50 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility but also received many awards such as The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporate, Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards of TCSA, etc. What's more, CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) dedicates itself to promoting the sustainable education and sharing sustainable development results and experience with other countries via global activities in order to capture the value of sustainability and make this society a better place.

  • 2018/06
    Continuing to Support EPA’s Beach Cleaning Campaign, CTCI Teams Up to Guard Taiwan’s Coastline
    In response to the EPA’s island-wide beach cleaning and beach adopting campaign, CTCI has made commitment to contribute its share to be a guiding force for Taiwan’s coastline and has planned a beach cleaning campaign at Yangchouzi coastline, Tamsui, New Taipei City. On June 9, CTCI held the 2nd beach cleaning activity, while the 1st session of which had been held in 2017. With CTCI’s participation as an enterprise, it is hoped that the public may be encouraged to join us to preserve the picturesque coastline of Taiwan.

    It was a fair sunny day when the activity was held, and nearly 60 CTCI colleagues, family, and friends participated in beach cleaning with great passion. Along with any other participants, the CEO of Group Shared Services Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao attended the event to cheer colleagues up and personally toiled under the sun to pick up trash at the beach. The beach adopted by CTCI is 1 km in length, and the trash collected include waste and floating garbage like styrofoam, bottle glass, plastic bottles, fishing net, etc. The organizer Brand Management Department then selected the winning groups with the “Golden Weight Award”, “Golden Volume Award”, and “Golden Color Award” based on the weight, volume, and type of trash collected by each group. When seeing the cleaned beach, the participants were thrilled with a feeling of achievement and decided to sign up for the next session of this meaningful campaign.

    CTCI believes that continuous supporting the beach adopting project is a vital part of building a sustainable home for all. The next session is scheduled to be held on September 29, and we invite more colleagues and family member to join us and join hands to contribute a share to the sustainability of the marine ecology.

  • 2018/04
    CTCI Is One of the Leading Corporations Certified to ISO 45001:2018 in Global Engineering Industry
    The Taiwan-based international EPC contractor CTCI continually improves occupational health and safety performance in the workplace and is recently certified to the first international occupational health and safety management system standard published by International Standard Organization, ISO 45001:2018. The certification shows its commitment to follow the trend of the international standard and build an even healthier and safer working environment, realizing the vision of becoming the most reliable global engineering services provider.

    In the certification ceremony of ISO 45001:2018 on April 12, the CEO of CTCI Group Shared Services, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, stated: “CTCI takes the lead in being certified to ISO Occupational Health and Safety Standard in global engineering industry and this is the result of our teamwork; it also shows that CTCI actively takes the responsibility of HSE management and continues to surpass ourselves”. The Senior General Manager of HSE Management Department, Daniel Ting was also invited to give a speech on “How CTCI becomes a leader in building OHS management connected to global networks” in the ceremony to share CTCI’s experience in the transition to the OHS management system.

    ISO 45001:2018 is the latest international standard that published on March 12, 2018 and developed by experts from more than 70 countries. It is expected that ISO 45001:2018 will take the place of the broadly implemented OHSAS 18001 to facilitate corporations to continually improve their OHS performance in the workplace. CTCI, with nearly 4 decades of development in the global EPC lump sum contracting markets, sets a model for sustainable operations in the industry with the HSE policy of “Insist on Safety as the First Priority”. Besides being evaluated as top 5% of the TWSE listed companies and the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) listed companies in the Corporate Governance Evaluation for years, CTCI has been selected for Emerging Markets Index membership for Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the field of Engineering & Construction Industry in Taiwan for 3 consecutive years, and placed within the Top 100 for International Design Firms and International Contractors by Engineering News-Record magazine. In 2018, CTCI wins the REBRAND 100® Global Awards for successful brand transformation.

  • 2018/03
    CTCI Partners with Global Suppliers to March towards Sustainability
    As the largest domestic turnkey contractor, CTCI has won international recognition for its brilliant corporate social responsibility obligation performances over the years. CTCI has held a "Towards Sustainability - Better Together" 2018 CTCI Supplier Meeting on March 22, 2018, in hopes to collaborate with its supplier partners to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences. CTCI also shared and promoted its business sustainability philosophy and achievements in order to build consensus, grow together, and create innovative opportunities in terms of environment, economic, and social sustainability development orientations.

    A total of 24 suppliers from Eurasian region including Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong were invited to participate, and a total of 44 high-level executives of these suppliers have attended this meeting. Todd Chen, President of EPC Operations, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, President of Group Shared Services, and Ting-Chuang Li, Senior Manager of the Procurement Division have represented the company to welcome the global suppliers during the event and shared the sustainable development and business outlooks of CTCI. Meanwhile, two heavyweight scholars/experts, Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and Dr. Yang Ku, CEO of TAISE, were invited to give keynote speeches on the topics of "International Development Trends and Targets for Sustainable Development" and "Sustainable Supply Chain management," respectively. Their speeches explored the key connections and impacts from the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) toward enterprise sustainable management, social responsibility investment, sustainable supply chain management, etc. The goal of the meeting was to enable participants to have a clearer knowledge and understanding of the sustainable enterprise operations and supplier management practices, and enable everyone to cooperate more closely.

    During the meeting, CTCI specifically described its policies on quality management, Safety, Health and Environment policies, procurement operation procedures, and supplier management, as well as providing its future business outlooks. CTCI also awarded medals to manufacturers that have supplied excellent products in order to show recognition and gratitude for their support. The objective is to inspire more vendors to create intimate partnership opportunities with CTCI on a win-win basis.

    As a member of the global village, CTCI has continued to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while pursuing enterprise growth in hopes to achieve corporate social responsibility with its partners together. In addition to being the first company to have its CSR reports to receive third-party verification in Taiwan, CTCI has also become the first in Taiwan to be selected by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for three years in a row since 2015, and the only Taiwanese company selected for the engineering industry category. In addition to establishing sustainable supplier chain development strategies, CTCI has also counseled and assisted suppliers to enhance their international capabilities. CTCI has also enhanced their awareness and corporate social responsibility executions via continuous sharing and advocacy. The goal is to enable the global suppliers and CTCI to grow together, and jointly move towards the path of sustainability.

  • 2018/01
    CTCI Education Foundation Launches "2018 Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h"--
    Sustainable Development through the Eyes of Students from 22 Countries
    The first session of "2018 Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h" is a joint effort from CTCI EF and TAISE. The opening ceremony was held at CTCI headquarters on January 22, where Group Chairmen John T. Yu and CTCI EF Chairman Eugene Chien presented team flags to 12 university delegations from the island. 22 nationalities were represented, including 12 ROC nationals and 36 foreign students. Through their vision, inspiration and creativity, they shared Taiwan's experience in sustainable development on social media in 120 hours using different languages. A diverse, beautiful and insightful Taiwan is presented to the rest of the world.

    17 UN sustainable development goals have been incorporated into "Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h". In addition, five major sites have been identified based on five themes (construction engineering, communications commission development, sustainable air navigation and weather services, environmental education, technological innovation and transformation). The sites include CTCI, FarEasTone, Eva Air, CTCI ECOVE Miaoli Incinerator Plant, Tainan Science Park Bureau, among others. The first stop is CTCI headquarters. where chairman John T. Yu highlights CTCI's rise from a domestic company to Global Top 100 after 40 years of hard work. It is also the only Taiwanese engineering company to be included in the DJSI three years running. Besides leading efforts in sustainable engineering domestically and internationally, CTCI has been actively engaged in the resource cycling industry. To fulfill corporate social responsibility, CTCI EF was also created in 2016 with the aim of cultivating young talents, improving education and creating lifelong learning environments. This is the perfect example of CTCI's desire to increase social influence and improve national competitiveness.

    "Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h" is an international educational program launched by CTCI EF in the previous year. Through explorations, observations and field trips in Taiwan, foreign students will gain a better understanding of sustainable development and education on the island.

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  • 2017/11
    CTCI Group Reports Brilliant Sustainable Performance and Receives 10 TCSA Awards
    CTCI Group took home 10 awards at the 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Chairman John T. Yu attended the award ceremony and also received the highest honor, "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award from Vice President Chen Chien-Jen. The award ceremony was held on November 23 at Howard Civil Service International House. This year, 143 corporations have entered the award competition, and their total business volume accounts for 83% of Taiwan's GDP. This is the most prestigious and iconic award for domestic corporate social responsibility.

    CTCI Group has always performed well in the past in sustainability performance, and this year CTCI won the most prestigious award, "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award in the overall performance category, while continuing to rank on "Top 50 Service Industry Group Report Gold Award" in the Sustainability Report category. CTCI also won "Transparency and Integrity Award", "Growth through Innovation Award", and "Social Inclusion Award" in individual performance category. ECOVE Environment Corporation won the "TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Award" in the overall performance category this year for the first time. ECOVE Environment Corporation won the "TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Award" in the overall performance category this year for the first time, and the company also brought home the "Service Industry Group Report Gold Award" in the Sustainability Report category as well as "Transparency Integrity Award" and “Circular Economy Leadership Award" in individual performance category. This year also marks the debut of CTCI Advanced System Inc. in the award, and it has already won the recognition in the Sustainability Report category with "TOP 50 Service Group Report Gold Award".

    CTCI Group has been issuing CSR report since 2008. The Group is not only the first enterprise in Taiwan to obtain third-party certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI), but also the first to be selected as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for three consecutive years since 2015. CTCI hopes to adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the UN as its long-term strategic guideline for sustainable development. CTCI wishes to exert corporate influence together with its domestic and foreign partners, supply chain vendors, and stakeholders to become one of the powers that promotes sustainable development and global progress.

  • 2017/9
    CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for Three Years in a Row
    RobecoSAM announced the results of 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components on September 7th. CTCI has once again been selected in the Emerging Markets index for three years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry.

    The DJSI compares a company’s performance to those of its peers, in order to identify best practices across the economic, social and environmental dimensions of corporate sustainable development, including Corporate Governance, Risk & Crisis Management, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, Materiality, Occupational Health and Safety, etc. Special question items are designed for different industries as well. This year, CTCI scores exceptionally well, apart from improving itself to the sixth place in the Engineering & Construction category, CTCI scores the highest in the Engineering & Construction industry in the Economic Dimension in the percentile ranking. Moreover, CTCI is highly recognized for performances in Non-financial Project Evaluation, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Environmental Reporting, Social Reporting, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. This year, CTCI once again delivers world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various quarters; not only has it been continuously evaluated as Top 5% for listed companies’ information transparency in the Corporate Governance Evaluation System conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and Taipei Exchange; in 2016, CTCI once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine. With excellent performance in corporate sustainability, CTCI was also recognized with various achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including “Sustainable Corporate Award,” gold medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award,” “Transparency and Integrity Award,” and “Growth through Innovation Award”. CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu has been honored as the “Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professional” as well.

  • 2017/08
    CTCI Corp. and KD Holding Listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2017
    The CommonWealth Magazine announced the winning enterprises of 2017 Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility. This year, CTCI Corporation’s ranking in the category of “large enterprise” ascends to the 22nd from the 28th in 2016, 6 places ahead; KD Holding continues to rank the 3rd in the category of “mid-size enterprise”. The award ceremony will be held on August 25th.

    CTCI has been continuously honored with the award for several years and scores high in the aspects of “Corporate Governance”, “Corporate Commitment”, “Social Engagement”, and “Environmental Protection” this time. On top of carrying on stable growth with determination and sustainable operations, CTCI implements green engineering technology to provide its clients with cost-effective, eco-friendly energy-saving solutions to innovate and enhance its green competitiveness in the industry, while also encouraging subcontractors to engage in environmental practices. It is a sincere hope of CTCI to exert its influence to the value supply chain and thus reduce pollutions and risks that may cause harms to human being and environments, making great efforts to preserve the eco-environment.

    With its emphasis on minimizing the air pollution issue for incineration plants, KD Holding once again ranks the 3rd at the list under the category of “mid-size enterprise” this year. With conducts including inviting local residents and students of surrounding areas for on-site visit of incineration plants to advocate energy saving and resource recycling concepts, KD Holding’s performance is well recognized by the judging panel. Winning the prize is a great honor for KD and CTCI Corporation, affirming CTCI’s efforts in fulfilling CSR.

  • 2017/04
    CTCI Partakes in EPA’s Beach Clean-up & Adopting Campaign
    April 22 is the Earth Day celebrated worldwide, and Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan organized “2017 Beach Clean-up and Adopting” campaign throughout the island. CTCI was invited to attend the opening press conference on April 10 and partake in related activities.

    CTCI has long been promoting and developing in green engineering and resource cycling business, expecting to protect the environment and requite the society with our engineering expertise. By responding to this campaign, we hope to connect with local environmentalists, community organizations and volunteers, and become a guardian of Taiwan’s coastlines to contribute our share for environmental protection. By far, 341 units throughout the island have taken part in this beach adopting campaign, while the total coastline adopted is 347 km.

  • 2016/12
    Grooming of Engineering Talent—The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship
    The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship award, each valued at NT$100,000, was presented to 10 outstanding students at a ceremony held on Dec. 17, 2016, at the headquarters of CTCI.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Group Vice-Chairman, Michael T. H. Yang hoped that CTCI would be able to nurture the domestic engineering talent through this scholarship, and help the students make their contribution to the whole society at large.

    CTCI has established this scholarship in 2011, and formed CTCI Education Foundation in 2016 to cultivate and reward outstanding young students. This year, the evaluation of the scholarship has been made more rigorous involving scrutiny of academic achievement, recommendations from faculty, monographic study proposal, and interviews. CTCI hopes that these efforts would strengthen the link between the industry and academia, and help students learn the practices followed by the industry.

    The guests at the ceremony included Prof. Shang-Hsien from NTU, Prof. Sheam-Chyun Lin from NTUST, Prof. Cheng-ChienKuo from NTUST, Associate Prof. Chang-Yu Lin from NCTU, winners of the scholarship and their families, and the departmental heads of CTCI. As 2016 is the first year of the formation of the CTCI brand, the Brand Management Department introduced Brand Spirit -- Most Reliable, with a view to build its association with the Most Reliable, Advanced Technical Skills, Industry 4.0, and Friendly people.

    After the conclusion of the ceremony, a tea party was arranged wherein the invited students, faculty, and managers of CTCI interacted with each other to help the students gain a knowledge of the functioning of CTCI.

    The following is the list of the winners of 2016 CTCI Education Foundation scholarship:

    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NTU: Bo-Cing Lee, Ming-Hsiang, Li,Jun-Da Chen, and Tzu-Wei Kuo
    ‧Department of Chemical Engineering, NTU: Li-JiJhang
    ‧Department of Mechanical Engineering, NTUST: Wei-Lien Chen
    ‧Department of Electrical Engineering, NTUST: Hong-Yi Chien
    ‧Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, NTUST: Yu-Sheng Chiang
    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NCTU: Eric Chen
    ‧Department of Chemical Engineering, NCKU: Shu-Bo Yang

  • 2016/11
    CTCI Recognized with Various Achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)
    With achievements in enhancing the competitiveness of the engineering industry and fulfillment to our green commitment, CTCI has delivered excellence in corporate sustainability and is thus recognized with various achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Group Chairman John T. Yu has been honored as the “Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professional” and at the same time, CTCI received “Sustainable Corporate Award,” gold medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award,” “Transparency and Integrity Award,” and “Growth through Innovation Award”. KD Holding, subsidiary of CTCI, has also been granted with a bronze medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award” and “Transparency and Integrity Award.”

    CTCI is the first Taiwanese enterprise to have its Corporate Sustainability Report verified by a third party. As a leader in domestic engineering industry, CTCI has not only introduced innovative engineering technologies, but has integrated sustainable strategies into aspects of Operation & Governance, Environmental Protection, and Social Participation. In Operation & Governance, we are an active advocate of integrity operation, information disclosure, and risk management. In terms of Environmental Protection, we adopt green engineering management to influence subcontractors in the supply chain, to jointly contribute to the goal of a greener environment. While in term of social participation, we fulfill corporate social responsibilities with due faith and has established CTCI Education Foundation to engage in volunteering activities, expecting to contributing to engineering talent fostering and greater social concern. With all its active practices, CTCI has been continuously recognized with major Taiwanese awards, and since 2015 it has been selected for the 2nd year as a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in the Emerging Market, becoming the only engineering company selected in Taiwan.

    In the days to come, CTCI will continue to hold fast to our brand spirit “Most Reliable” as a driving force to lead us forward, and crate a multi-win situation among our partners, vendors in the supply chain, and stakeholders.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Corporation Moves Upward in Several Rankings of 2016 ENR Magazine
    The rankings of 2016 Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR) had been released. CTCI Corporation has once again performed remarkably and moved itself upwards in the rankings of international contractors, global contractors, and international design firms. For the items of the Top International Design Firms and Top International Contractors, CTCI Corporation are even placed within the Top 100 this time.

    ENR, a prestigious international magazine, conducts its surveys for engineering companies annually. ENR rankings have strong credibility and are important indexes for international engineering industry. ENR rankings have two main categories which are design firms and contractors based on company’s annual sales revenues. Among the ENR rankings, companies in the "International" list are ranked on the basis of overseas revenues, whereas companies in the "Global" list are ranked according to their total revenues regardless of where the project is located. In recent years, CTCI Corporation constantly makes efforts on growth and successfully expands the international markets by enhancing the technical level, profitability, and international visibility. Therefore, CTCI Corporation continues to jump in rankings among international engineering companies.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Corp. Certified with AA1000 and ISO 14064-1 for its Corporate Sustainability Report 2015 and GHG Inventory Verification
    CTCI has been certified with high level of AA1000 Assurance Standard for its Corporate Sustainability Report 2015 and ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse gases Part 1: Specification by the British Standards Institution, Taiwan branch (BSI Taiwan). The accreditation ceremony was held on 14 June 2016 in the conference room at the 17th floor of CTCI headquarters. On behalf of CTCI, President Michael Yang received the certification from Peter Pu, Managing Director of BSI Taiwan.

    Since 2008, CTCI has been publishing Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR Report) for nine consecutive years, demonstrating the determination and actions of CTCI in carrying out sustainable development and fulfilling social responsibilities. Facing the ever worsening global warming issue, CTCI has also conducted greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory verification starting from this year for its headquarters and project sites, both are within the borders of CTCI’s operation scope. The ISO 14064-1 certification is given to recognize CTCI’s GHG inventory verification conducted from 2012 to 2015. To expand its influence, CTCI also plans to gradually promote GHG inventory verification for the subcontractors and lower GHG emissions together with partners of the value supply chain to fulfill corporate social responsibilities by cooling the earth.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Corporation, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc., and KD Holding Corporation Evaluated as Top 5% in the “2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation System”
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (“TWSE”) and Taipei Exchange (“TPEx”) announced the top 50% of the 2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. CTCI Corporation (CTCI Corp.) and its subsidiaries, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) and KD Holding Corporation (KD), were evaluated as top 5% of the TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies.

    The award ceremony was held on June 16, 2016 at Taipei International Convention Center and Mr. Kung-Wha Ding, the Chairman of Financial Supervisory Commission, Mr. Sush-Der Lee, the Chairman of TWSE, and Mr. Chi-Hsien Lee, the acting Chairman of TPEx, attended the ceremony as award presenters. Mr. Michael Yang, President of CTCI, Mr. Hwei-Nan Yih, Chairman of ASI, and Mr. John Lin, Chairman of KD, received the awards on behalf of CTCI Corp., CTCI ASI and KD, respectively.

    The TWSE and TPEx launched “Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conducted by the Securities and Futures Institute (“SFI”) to evaluate the performance of corporate governance among listed companies. The evaluation indicators comprise the 5 categories and 98 indicators: protecting shareholder rights and interests, treating shareholders equitably, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

    In 2015, all the entries in the evaluation include 824 TWSE-listed companies and 623 TPEx-listed companies as a whole. The awards demonstrate that the CTCI companies obey the laws and regulations and voluntarily improve the corporate governance.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Honored with Various Awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2016
    In 2016, CTCI is honored with various awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE). The award ceremony took place at the 2016 General Assembly of CIE held together with the Engineer’s Day Celebration on June 3, 2016.

    .CTCI Associate Chief Engineer Chia-Cheng Wei and Assistant Chief Engineer Chao-Ching Cho Honored with Outstanding Engineer Award

    Mr. Chia-Cheng Wei has been serving in CTCI for over two decades, during which he demonstrated great leadership by delivering extraordinary performance in project executions and won the trusts by clients and colleagues with his focus on both theory and practice and attentiveness in each and every task. Mr. Wei has also helped promoted value engineering, 3D animation simulation constructability study, six sigma in process control, and iEPC, and hence made great contributions to enhance the competitiveness of domestic engineering industry.

    Serving in CTCI for over 20 years till now, Mr. Chao-ching Ching Cho has accumulated rich experiences in overseas project executions and working together with other renowned engineering companies abroad ; his expertise in process technology ranges from petrochemical refinery, power plants, to environmental services. Mr. Cho’s professionalism and dedication to every task of executing large-scale overseas projects has made him a model and great mentor for younger engineers in the field of process engineering.

    .Mr. Y. C. Kuo, Plant Chief of Sino Environmental Services Corp. Honored with Excellent Young Engineers Award

    Mr. Y. C. Kuo, plant chief of SESC, has been serving in Wurih Incineration Plant for over 10 years by starting as an entry level engineer. Mr. Kuo’s job responsibility includes operation and management of the incineration plant; with his extraordinary performance, he has been recognized with Eminent Contribution Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects (PPIPs) by Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan and is a two-time winner of EPA Audit and Evaluation Outstanding Award. Additionally, Mr. Kuo has participated in the technology R&D of large incineration plants and enhancement of equipment effectiveness, including sludge co-combustion technology, and establishment of treatment procedure for waste solvents and sludge, and also helped the company acquiring patents. The technologies were applied in incineration plants operations, and enhance the technological reliability.

    .CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. Awarded Distinguished Construction and Business Institution Award

    The vision of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) is to be “The Leading Solution Provider of Industrial Intelligence”. Referring to its future expectation, CTCI ASI provides advanced technologies to build up an intelligent and sustainable industrial environment. For decades, with plenty of technical experiences, healthy financial and manage systems, CTCI ASI is the leading company in information services and systems integration business in Taiwan. At a steady pace, CTCI ASI insists on the principles of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. After accumulating energy and strengthening itself, CTCI ASI has expanded the market internationally. In 2002, CTCI ASI stock went public and had since received the highest ranking in Information Disclosure and Transparency Ranking System by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) for7 years in a row. From 2015 to 2016, CTCI ASI has been listed as TOP 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation System by TWSE.