Global Citizen with a Spirit of Service
CTCI - The Most Reliable

The year 2016 was important for the transformation and growth of CTCI. We continued to expand our global oil refinery and petrochemical market, and make great strides in seizing new business opportunities in the construction of domestic and overseas power plants, transportation infrastructure, and new incinerators. The accumulated amount of all closed deals this year surpassed NT$80 billion, and the backlog of contracts have grown to NT$200 billion, leading to historical highs in both our revenues and profits. CTCI also implemented internal organizational change and reorganization in order to build a brand-new CTCI with a global perspective and scope.

CTCI has always upheld its corporate culture of "professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation" in our commitments. While displaying our achievements in operations and governance, we are committed to the research of innovative technology and the development of green engineering. We also develop strategies for climate change and pollution prevention to respond to the global issue of carbon reduction. In terms of social participation, we build long-term trusted partnerships with all our stakeholders to grow and fulfill our social responsibilities together.

Building a global brand image and improving sustainable development capabilities

To realize our vision of being the most reliable global engineering services provider, we built a brand-new CTCI in 2016 and began the first year of our new branding campaign. We proactively expand our marketing and communication initiatives by launching a unified brand identity and message, in hopes of moving to the center stage from working behind the curtain. We are confident that this will build our international reputation and sustainable development capabilities. We also went through internal organizational change and reorganization by integrating dozens of our subsidiaries, according to their respective professions, into three business groups including Engineering Business, Intelligent Solutions Business, and Resource recycling Business. There is also Group Shared Services that is in charge of logistics management for the entire company to improve our organizational synergy and team effectiveness.

The engineering business is the foundation of CTCI, and engineering integration is the core capability we are most proud of. The intelligent solutions and resource cycling businesses are the trends in today's economic and social development, and they are highly forward-looking. In the future, CTCI will also be committed to the innovation and development of both intelligence and resource recycling businesses while continue to operate our existing engineering business, the backbone of the Corporation. We hope to enhance our EPC project services, develop smart technologies, and improve our resource cycling performance to turn it into our niche, so that we are able to compete with international competitors and reach global success.

Promoting green engineering and create a win-win for the corporation and the environment

To solve the problems of growing resource exhaustion and climate change, CTCI has been promoting green engineering for many years, being committed to air pollution prevention technology for 25 years. This includes the incorporation of the concepts of Waste Gas Cleaning System (WGCS) and the Air Quality Control System (AQCS), which allow us to perform tasks such as hydrodesulphurization, denitrification, dust removal, and waste water treatment. We hope to bring this technology to different locations through the execution of eco-friendly, cogeneration, denitrification, urban waste-to-energy, and dioxin pollution reduction domestically and overseas, so that the whole world can recognize the importance of environmental protection.

In compliance with the Paris Agreement, the latest international climate treaty which comes in effect in 2016, CTCI proactively responded to the global issue of carbon reduction by carrying out the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for self-testing since 2012, passing the ISO 14064 third-party verification in 2015, expanding the self-testing scope in 2016 by applying it to CTCI’s construction sites, and listing it as our focused task of the year to continue the deepening process of the idea of carbon management into our engineering services. In 2016, CTCI was invited to participate in the climate change assessment survey of the world's largest carbon disclosure database, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Through friendly disclosure, CTCI hopes to gain sustainable trust from the industry and the society.

Building a prosperous society and long-term partnerships

The government, clients, suppliers, investors, employees, and the community are all CTCI’s stakeholders. When it comes to communication with stakeholders, CTCI always upholds the principles of integrity and transparency. Not only have we won the Top 5% Corporate Governance Assessment in successive years, we are also endorsed by the Corporate Sustainability Award from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), the Gold Medal in the Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award, Growth through Innovation Award, and the Transparency and Integrity Award. CTCI hopes to build harmonious business partnerships and shared values with stakeholders to provide the most positive and powerful social influence.

CTCI has long been observing gender equality and labor rights to continue to improve our internal working environment and keep our employees safe and healthy. We established the CTCI Education Foundation in 2016 to cultivate engineering talents, reward academic research, and construct a lifetime learning environment. Unlike our passive participation in the past, we now proactively make plans and organize various events. In addition, CTCI delves deep into the community and co-organizes the Shilin International Cultural Festival with Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden for six consecutive years to promote local culture and protect the environment through music, art, and environmental education. We are also in long-term partnerships with social welfare organizations and foundations. For example, we offer cleaning jobs for our staff dormitory to the Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation for people with disabilities, welcome the Children Are Us Foundation to visit our office and sell their baked goods every two weeks, and occasionally invite them to CTCI's various events to engage in charity sales or to perform. CTCI encourages employees to volunteer in events like "Eat Well at Year’s End", cohosted by the Homeless Organization, the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and Huashan Social Welfare Foundation. We also donate books to schools in rural areas and visit orphanages to help the underprivileged groups of our society.

Fulfill citizen responsibilities and make the world a better place

CTCI continues to develop green engineering through innovative technology R&D, and we distribute the resource recycling industry all over the world to inspire the growth of the circular economy. Meanwhile, we also develop smart manufacturing, focus on smart cities, elderly care, energy storage, flexible mechanisms, and other kinds of sharing economy. These activities are observed so that smart technology is applied not just to engineering, but also to global resource integration and service expansion in hopes that our core engineering techniques can offer companies and the environment a win-win situation of sustainable living.

Looking into the future and considering its position as a corporate citizen, CTCI hopes to sustainably provide better and faster comprehensive services to the society, companies, and nations using our brand image of "the most reliable global engineering services provider". As we satisfy the needs and expectations of our global clients, we are also making the world a better place.