From the Management

Globally Reliable, a Pilot of Sustainability

2017 was the year of innovations and challenges for CTCI. After the Group's largest reorganization in history, we have built three business groups: "Engineering," "Intelligent Solutions," and "Resource Cycling," and "Group Shared Services" global to shape up the most reliable brand image. We have successfully obtained major international projects in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. The Group's consolidated revenues reached NT$71.6 billion, setting a new record again.
CTCI believes that governance, environmental protection and social participation are three aspects of corporate social responsibility. These efforts have yielded excellent results in business governance; for the environment, we formulate strategies and pursue the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), continue innovation in engineering technology and develop green projects; in social participation, we connect global engineering service network, establish a long-term mutual trust partnership with stakeholders and continue to focus on excellent talent cultivation through the CTCI Education Foundation to expand the international perspective of young students. CTCI showed outstanding results in CSR in 2017 and received accolades. The company has the honor of being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) "Emerging Markets" for three consecutive years as the only Taiwan company selected from the engineering category with the firm leading the pack. It also won the highest honor in The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporates of Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Award (TCSA) for the first time. It also remained in list for the "Top 50 Service Sector Group Report Gold Award", and won "Transparency and Integrity Award", " Growth through Innovation Award" and "Social Inclusion Award." Going forward, CTCI will continue to move towards the path of global sustainable management with the vision of "the most reliable global engineering services provider". 

Intelligent Service, Innovation Value

In early 2017, CTCI successfully completed the largest RAPID Package 1 RFCC Project in Malaysia with innovative modularization engineering technology, which significantly saves on-site manpower and equipment usage; at the end of 2017, CTCI completed the Saudi Kayan Furnace-10 and Olefin Debottlenecking Project of Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company in Saudi Arabia in only 18 months, setting a world record and a new milestone for CTCI's turnkey technology. CTCI continues to innovate professional technology and business model, provide more differentiated and competitive quality services, implement commitments to all customers, and create the greatest value of CTCI. In view of the fact that smart applications are the norm in the future working environment, CTCI has established a group Innovation R&D Center to actively do researches and introduced new technologies. For one thing, CTCI gradually completes iEPC intelligence turnkey engineering services and expects that future applications will include robots handing a large number of major work, carrying out project management by microsegmentation and agility, introduce virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to experience the needs of operations in the future. For the other, through the development and integration of information and communication technology (ICT) such as cloud, Internet of Things, and big data analysis, combined with mechanical and electrical engineering as well as civil engineering technology, CTCI is dedicated to providing complete and mature intelligent turnkey engineering services to help global industries and customers move towards the era of Intelligence.

Green Engineering, Friendly Environment

CTCI has been promoting Green Engineering for a long time. We have been investing in air pollution prevention and control technologies for 25 years, introduced WGCS waste purification system and AQCS air quality control system, and helped domestic and foreign countries set up wastewater reclamation plants, like recovery and reuse of sewage water projects in Zhongli, Taoyuan and Fengshan, Kaohsiung , and Petronas RAPID Euro 5 Mogas project in 2017, which will supply high-quality gasoline products that meet Euro 5 environmental protection standards after completion to create win-win situation economically and environmentally. Moreover, ECOVE Environment Corporation, part of the Group Resource Cycling Business, is the largest company in Taiwan and the first environmental resource management service company that obtains the foreign operation qualification of incineration plant. In 2017, it created ECOVE resource cycling brand to combine with the backbone of the engineering business and the advantages of smart technology in the CTCI parent group, improve the efficiency of the resource cycling, and actively respond to environmental protection issues and circular economic trends. It is expected that CTCI and the ECOVE dual-brands will establish the foundation for sustainable development and jointly contribute to the world's environmental protection efforts.

Talent Cultivation Deeply Rooted

Talent is the most important assets of the company. Talent cultivation is the key to the sustainable development of the company. With regard to the philosphy of talent cultivation, CTCI not only imparts work experience, but also aims to pass on corporate philosophy and values. We hope to focus on cohesion and develop the most competitive key capabilities for sustainable development. For talent development, we have broken the past practice of passively seeking talents based on job demands and actively defined key positions. Young employees are systematically cultivated and trained in two years before job positions are available to provide multiple horizontal and vertical promotions and job rotations and establish an all-directional engineering elite with international perspectives. Furthermore, CTCI also stresses environment to cultivate talents. In addition to creating a safe and healthy work environment, CTCI pays close attention to gender and labor rights for longterm, continuously improves the environment for equal rights within the workplace, and jointly safeguards safety and health of employees.

Social Participation to Light up Taiwan

In 2016 CTCI established CTCI Education Foundation to raise education standards, reward academic research, construct lifelong education environment and promote national competitiveness. In 2017 CTCI organized various types of events, forums, and awards programs. Among them, "Taiwan in my Eyes--120h" invited 9 schools, 24 countries, 12 teams, and 48 university students across the country to speak to the international community via social media to expand the international perspectives of young students and let the world see Taiwan. For another, CTCI also actively engaged in government and private academic, economic and trade activities, including participating in the Chinese Association of Engineering Consultants, the Taipei Federation of Engineering Consultants, and the Chinese Institute of Engineers to assisting in the promotion of activities for the domestic engineering industry, fostering Taiwanese engineering technology exchange. The CTCI Group headquarters building is located in the Shihlin District of Taipei, a cultural hub. It has been handling the Shilin Cultural Festival together with the Zhishan Cultural and Ecology Garden for seven consecutive years. It promotes local culture and coheres the awareness of the community by organizing a series of music, arts and environmental education activities. Also, for long-term, Children Are Us Foundation is invited to sell bread in the company; from time to time social welfare groups are invited to hold fairs or perform in CTCI internal activities to support the disadvantaged groups. In addition, employees are also encouraged to serve as a corporate volunteer to participate in social services. For example, participated the annual "Banquet 30 Year-end Party" is organized by the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation/Genesis Social Welfare Foundation/Huashan Social Welfare Foundation. It also adopts to adopt the Yang Cho Zi coastal section of Tamsui, New Taipei City for environmental protection. Group colleagues were invited to clean up the beach and implement environmental sustainability.

Global Partners Enjoy Mutual Prosperity

For communication with stakeholders, CTCI has always adhered to the principles of honesty and transparency and expects to establish a value-sharing relationship of harmony and mutual prosperity and exert the greatest influence in society. Among them, in terms of supply chain management, CTCI is in the middle stream of the overall engineering industry chain. We not only integrate upstream customer requirements with its own professional capabilities and downstream collaborative vendors to construct a complete value chain, also formulate suppliers' code of conduct and sustainable risk assessment rules and appraisal operations and actively promote suppliers cultivation project. Since 2016 we have begun comprehensively requiring vendors to sign a commitment letter for sustainable management, and held the supplier conference since 2018 to jointly enhance the sustainability of the entire industry chain. The government, clients, suppliers, investors, employees and the community are all stakeholders to us. Only when there are trusted partnerships among us can we build a prosperous society. Going forward, as a member of the corporate citizen, with core professional engineering technology and "the Most Reliable" brand spirit, CTCI will carry out resource integration of global engineering, intelligent solutions and resource recycling industry, expand service areas, and provide enterprises, society, and countries with faster and better all-directional engineering services to create sustainable lifestyle, build a win-win situation for mutual benefits, and become one of the forces that promote world progress and sustainability of the earth!