Social Inclusion

On our path to sustainability, CTCI continues to lead Taiwan's engineering development with its own professionalism and core strengths, and is committed to reciprocating to the society. We follow the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the United Nations, and identify application of environment-friendly techniques, cultivating engineering talents, promoting sustainable engineering & social care, as the three pillars of its vision to moving toward the "Promotion of Green Engineering Construction; Improvement of Environmental Sustainable Development". The approaches include the participation of public construction, industryacademia cooperation, rewards for academic research and to excellent students, volunteer service for the disadvantaged. We have also established the "CTCI Education Foundation" and local communities with the integrated charity network to bring out positive power in society, making CTCI be able to move toward sustainability in reform and build up our signature visible reliability.



External impact benefits generated through

leveraging operational cores

Application of environment-friendly techniques

To cope with climate change, save energy, minimize carbon emission and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CTCI has promoted green management by incorporating environmental protection into its business continuity management. In addition to enhancing energy-saving and environmental management of operating sites, the Group also offers clients energy-saving and carbon- reduction services. After submitting the quotation and executing a project, we offer businesses the optimal energy-saving suggestions, helping them contribute to mitigating climate change and coexist with the environment, so that the construction of a plant is a part of the mission to protect the environment.

  • Our participation in the wastewater reclamation project of Kaohsiung's Fongshan River and the sewage system project in Zhongli, Taoyuan, will alleviate the pressure on water resource development. Effluents from the public wastewater treatment plant are further processed and will be available to the coastal industrial areas; it ensures the availability of water for local residents, as well as stabilizes the industry and economy.
  • Our involvement in metro projects in Tamshui, Taichung and Singapore offers members of the public convenient, green and low-carbon transportation.
  • Our participation in the design and construction of power plants, using the latest highly efficient and low-carbon facilities will replace the old ones to cope with environmental issues relating to climate change, and meet the fast-growing electricity demand from the public and the industrial units.

Cultivating engineering talents

CTCI understands that talents are the key to promote an engineering project. Through devoting external and internal resources to the sustainable engineering, we hope to nurture more outstanding talents.

  • Establishment of CTCI Education Foundation: Through CTCI Education Foundation, we target the youth and students from home and abroad to promote the concept of sustainability. Our scholarship programs are categorized into six, i.e." Taiwan in My Eyes-120h", "Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp", "CSR College Seminar" and "CSR Navigation Program". In addition, we organize competitions and offer scholarships to encourage outstanding students to move toward sustainability.
  • Internship Opportunities: offering 17 university students internship opportunities during summer vacation (five are indigenous people).
  • Industry-Academia Cooperation: conducting co-research on topics relevant to engineering; incorporate the industry-academia research and internship system to narrow down the gap between the industry and academia.

Promoting sustainable engineering & social care

As the leader in the engineering industry, CTCI fulfills its role as a corporate citizen, devoting to non-profit organizations and many public construction projects. We actively participate in all kinds of charity events, engage with community campaigns, care for the environment and eco-system, and exert our efforts to social charity and welfare events.

  • We compiled the first educational publication for the "Sustainable Development Goals", to grow the public awareness and attention on the issue of sustainable development.
  • We conducted the "public survey for Taiwan's electricity use and energy transformation", which aims to learn Taiwan people's use of electricity and their understanding of energy tranformation. There were 1,608 respondents contacted via phone interview.
  • We organized the "International Conference of Circular Economy", where experts and academics from the circular economy background were invited for a speech. A total of 160 some participants from the industry, government and academia were there to contribute to the promotion of circular economy and practices.
  • Participation in non-profit organizations: In 2017, CTCI has participated in 40 non-profit organizations as either a group member or an individual member.
  • Volunteering hours: 1,090 hours
  • Adopting Yangchoutzu coastal area in Tamshui of New Taipei City, showing our determination and concrete action in safeguarding the oceanic eco-system. We hope that through the corporate participation, members of the public will pay more attention to the importance of safeguarding Taiwan's beautiful sea coast.

Social investment evaluation

CTCI will continue to invest in social charity. To review the benefits from the investment, we adopt the London Benchmark Group (LBG) as our evaluation mechanism. Each category of investment is divided by activity goals and cost. We evaluate the positive benefits generated from the investment, measure the impact of social participation to assist with the corporation in reasonable resource distribution, and review the benefits of the resource input, so as to effectively integrate financial and non-financial information, while at the same time meet the expectation of multiple stakeholders and create shared values.

Public Participation

CTCI not only proactively participates in engineering project from home and abroad, but also hopes to contribute its experience in large-scale engineering with public engineering projects, benefiting local residents in living and transportation. Public construction projects that we are involved include transportation, electricity and environmental areas. We continue making breakthroughs and innovate, offering top engineering quality to public construction, as well as create job opportunities and boost the economy of the local markets.