Safe & Healthy Work Environments

HSE Policy

Our dedication to HSE underpins our wider goal of becoming the world’s most reliable engineering services provider. Our approach is captured by the following values, principles and mission statements, which drive the way our staff, vendors and subcontractors act and operate: 

Insist on Safety as the First Priority

We are dedicated to providing all our staff and partners with a safe and secure workplace. Across all our business activities, from corporate operations to project execution, we aspire to achieve a “Zero Incidents” target. 

Promote Personal Health and Wellbeing

We actively promote self-improvement by creating a health-conscious workplace, while offering our staff all they need to protect and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, we strive to create a healthier workplace by promoting Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) via the environment we offer and the purchasing decisions we make. 

Protect the Environment and Pursue Sustainability

We provide professional services that minimize the impact on the environment, and promote energy saving, carbon reduction, and pollution prevention. We also work with the community and other relevant stakeholders to pursue sustainable development.

Implement Effective Risk Management

We identify potential hazards in all our activities and take corrective action to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, or environmental pollution.

Comply with Legal and Contractual Requirements

We stay abreast of relevant legislation and contractual requirements, and monitor our implementation of HSE planning to ensure our working processes are in line with theoretical best practice. 

Encourage Training and Engagement

We encourage all our staff, vendors and subcontractors, to participate in training events to strengthen HSE awareness and ability. We also provide consultation and communication channels for all our staff to offer their thoughts and feedback.

Continuously Improve Our HSE Management System

Last but not least, we continuously review and optimize every aspect of our activities in order to ensure our HSE management system is always the best it can possibly be.

Management Structure and System

CTCI was certified to ISO 9001 in 1996, and then with the robust HSE mechanisms we had established. CTCI obtained certificates of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate in 2006, making CTCI became the first engineering company to be granted with "Quality and HSE Management System Certificate" in Taiwan.

HSE culture for all employees

One of CTCI's corporate culture foundations is "Professionalism", which is built on the groundwork of safety culture. We also strive to make our employees understand that "Safety First" is one of the important conditions to achieve professionalism. In the employee's annual evaluation, safety is part of the evaluation. We deeply understand that HSE performance requires collective efforts of all Company staff. People are the key to successful safety culture, therefore, we further expand the HSE activities for "All", that is to promote the Total HSE Evaluation on all employees and the "Safety Moment" activity.

Total HSE Evaluation System

Total HSE Evaluation Results





Participants in the evaluation (people)




Passing rate (%)




Note: The Total HSE Evaluation had been conducted since the second half of 2013, and the supervisor version was prioritized for assessment, then carried out year-by-year to employees in different positions. All 4 versions of the Total HSE Evaluation was completed in 2016.

Strengthen Subcontractor Management and Inspection Efficiency

In recent years, CTCI has been trying to seek breakthroughs on techniques and tools for HSE management. To increase the transmission efficiency of the Company's HSE information, and strengthen the benefits of project-based HSE management system, we adequately leverage the information technology to aid HSErelated activities, implement HSE information management system and application of management activity information to provide instant, efficient and effective information to onsite supervisors, HSE personnel and management, improving the overall performance of the HSE management.

Educational training and hazard preventions

To decrease the occurrence of occupational hazards, all relevant personnel need to receive educational training for work-related hazard prevention, according to regulations from local government, and must be completed prior to being stationed at a project site.

Employees in CTCI HQ Building also need to receive routine safety, health, and environmental protection training according to the law, including those in fire drill, new employee training, general on-the-job safety and health training, first-aid training and high-risk emergency training for special topics.

To minimize damages and risks following an incident, the Company has established a standardized procedure to respond to accidents. When an accident occurs, it will be rated by its level of severity and each level will form investigation teams and complete investigations within a given timeframe. Based on the results of investigation, we would enforce strict management controls and put in place improvement measures, while requesting related parties to rerun the damage assessment and risk reevaluation based on investigation to ensure no repetition of such accidents. Moreover, we would also revise the related HSE procedures to avoid similar accidents. Additionally, in order to significantly improve HSE performance, the HSE management department strengthens supervision over contracted engineering projects and implementations of self-regulatory construction site safety and health management. The HSE management department also makes further plans depending on situations. Using these results to encourage the project team to perform self-review and improve their management, while meeting the risk reduction requirements of the government, proprietor and the company.