Service Quality

Meeting International Standards and Client Requirements

CTCI Corp. strives to be the world's most reliable global engineering services provider, and we believe that "quality" is the foundation of clients' trust. CTCI Corp. has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System (hereinafter referred to as QMS) certification since 1996, and has experienced the second (2000) and the third (2008) international standard revision in the past 20 years. The QMS relevant regulations/procedures established and formulated by CTCI Corp. are in addition to meet the requirements of international standard, also accumulate the engineering experiences in domestic and overseas, to continually enhance and improve relevant requirements of quality management implementation to complete the QMS of CTCI Corporation. 

Enhance The Quality Management System Structure

In order for our quality management system to reach the goal of sustainable quality management, in addition to plan-do-check-act (PDCA), we  also  incorporated  risk-based  thinking.  Through the leadership of the top executive, we have built a perfect PDCA quality management system structure to ensure that all our services achieve high customer satisfaction. 

Important Operation Content of Quality Management System

To ensure that the engineering services provided by CTCI are reliable, all project operations have one set of basic requirements to maintain positive feedback and quality.

Formulation and Abiding Policies of CTCI Corp. QMS Document