Legal Compliance

CTCI Code of Conduct

CTCI holds true to human rights, labor standards, environment protection, and anti-corruption principles according to the UN Global Compact, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Framework and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. "CTCI Code of Conduct." regulates the obligations that individuals should exercise as ethical managers while carrying out their responsibilities, and discourages putting company benefits at risk in favor of personal or other group benefits. 

CTCI Code of Ethical Conduct:

Actualize Business Integrity

Marking "Most Reliable" as its brand position, CTCI Corporation published "Rules  of  the  Code  of  Conduct"  in  2016,  which  enables  our  employees  to understand the importance of moral integrity and further accomplish our "Most Reliable" position in performing their duties. In addition, a "reporting website" was implemented for employees to reveal any unjust conduct in the Corporation to seek assistance.

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Fair Trade

CTCI Group maintains visions of legal compliance and honest business operations, fully exercising professionalism and integrity. To ensure fair trade, protect fair competition, and prevent unfair competition, monopoly, joint inappropriate behavior, inappropriate market allocations and joint price manipulations, we always abide by a fair-trade spirit both in project tenders and in external contracted services or procurement projects. We always undertake fair and open tendering processes when competing for business targets to enhance the efficiency and quality of project tendering and procurement processes. In addition, to spread the spirit of fair trade, CTCI encourages all employees to report unjust actions and undertakes educational training for personnel in sales, procurement, legal and contracts as shown in the table below. CTCI has already included CSR considerations in the Regulations of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Process. In the M&A process, we shall undergo an investigation on the human rights records of the target company to learn if it had been fined for environmental pollution or had any lawsuit records against fair trade deals or antitrust policy.

CTCI Group Anti-Trust Policy: