Ethical Governance

In 2016, CTCI Corporation initiated its new branding campaign, highlighting "Most Reliable" as its brand spirit and "Discover Reliable" as its brand slogan. This was done with the hope of letting allowing all stakeholders to clearly understand the meaning behind CTCI being the most reliable global engineering service provider, upholding the principles of "Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation." 

Structure of The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest-ranked decision-making team in the Corporation, and it is responsible for formulating the structure of corporate governance. Besides being responsible for the overall operational strategies, it  also  supervises  the  implementation  results  of  decisions  from  senior management. CTCI has elected 13 Directors (including 3 Independent Directors) to serve on the Board of Directors, as required by our "Articles of Incorporation" and the "CTCI Corporation Rules Governing the Election of Directors." Each term lasts for 3 years. According to the "Regulations of Adopting Nomination Mechanism to Board of Directors Election," the nomination mechanism has been adopted for Board of Director elections. According to the "Rules Governing Procedure for Board of Directors' Meetings," the Board is required to hold at least 1 meeting per quarter. The Board shall observe severe self-discipline to honor the "Codes of Ethical Conduct." If the agenda involves a board member's personal interest, he/she shall not attend the meeting, and he/she shall not exercise the voting right on other directors' behalf. 

CTCI Board of Directors

Data up to 2017/01/23
Job title Name in Chinese Corporate Directors Currently also serve in these primary roles
Chairman John T. Yu

Hsin-Li Developments Co., Ltd.

CEO of CTCI Group
Vice Chairman John H. Lin

Innovest Investment Corporation

Deputy CEO of CTCI Group
Managing Director Andy Sheu

Sino Environmental Service Corp

Second Deputy CEO of CTCI Group
Independent Director Johnny Shih Vice Chairman of Far Eastern New Century Corporation
Independent Director Jack J.T. Huang Partner-in-Charge, Jones Day Taipei
Independent Director Frank L. S. Fan N/A
Director Teng-Yaw Yu

CTCI Foundation

CEO in CTCI Foundation
Director Quintin Wu Chairman of USI Corporation
Director Bing Shen Independent Director of Far Eastern International Bank
Director Yancey Hai Chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc.
Director Cheng-Yun Koo (Note) Chairman and President of Taiwan Cement Corporation
Director Wen-Yen Pan Chairman of CTCI Foundation
Director Michael Yang Asia Crown Second Investment Co, Ltd. Deputy CEO of CTCI Group
Note 1: Director Koo passed away on January 23, 2017, and his duty was released on the same day.

Note 2: Due to the industry nature of CTCI, male employees take majority, and currently our directors are all male. Nevertheless, will continue to seek appropriate female candidates as directors to truly realize gender equality.

Note 3: Pursuant to Article 20 of the "Corporate Governance Standard’s diversification policy in electing Board members, the adequacy and diversity of Board members' professional backgrounds shall be taken into consideration in designing Board composition. Based on this principle, our board members include practicing lawyers, professionals in finance, and managers of listed companies in various industries (e.g. electronics, plastics, photoelectric, textile, cement industry, etc.). By the end of 2016, the age distribution of the Board members is above 50 years old, and average attendance rate in 2016 was 82.42%.

Core items of diversification

Name of Director
Gender Operation & management Law Financial accounting Industry knowledge
John T. Yu Male V
Chun-Hua Lin Male V
Andy Sheu Male V
Michael Yang Male V
Johnny Shih Male V
Jack J.T. Huang Male V
Frank L. S. Fan Male V
Quintin Wu Male V
Yancey Hai Male V
Bing Shen Male V
Wen-Yen Pan Male V
Teng-Yaw Yu Male V