Stakeholders Engagement

Analysis Materiality Matrix

To achieve effective communications between the CSR Report and our stakeholders, CTCI Corporation complies by the GRI Ver. G4 instruction and  standard  to  conduct  procedures  of  analyzing  significant  topics.  Within this standard, the material issues, scope of data collection, and stakeholders that we wish to communicate with pertaining to the 2016 CSR Report would be defined.。

Assessment-Steps 1 & 2

Deciding on stakeholders to communicate with is the first and foremost decision to make in releasing a CSR Report.  CTCI  identifies  its  six categories of primary  stakeholders as follows using  the  AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES): clients, investors, suppliers/contractors,  the  community,  the  media,  and  employees.

Analysis-Steps 3 to 5

After having compiled topics relevant to CTCI's sustainability, we conducted surveys on stakeholders to understand their levels of interest in various topics. On the other hand, our CSR Reporting Team decided on the influences of individual topics on the Company's sustainability.

Confirmation-Steps 6 & 7

The identified material issues are confirmed by the company's top management.  We then found 12 corresponding topics and one regular disclosure from the GRI  Standards.  Three  of  them  are  CTCI's  specific  topics. 

Analytical Procedure of Materiality


Step 1

Identify stakeholders

Identified the targets to communicate with in the 2015 CSR Report according to the five principles of AA1000 SES-2011 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES) and decided on the 6 primary stakeholders.

6 stakeholders


Step 2

Collection of topics relevant to sustainability

CTCI collected topics related to sustainability according to international standards and principles, regulations, and standards on specific industry types, industry benchmarks, organizational annual objectives, and feedback from external stakeholders.

29 sustainability topics


Step 3

Investigate level of interest from stakeholders

To understand the levels of interest from stakeholders for each sustainability topic, CTCI conducted the investigation with online questionnaires to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to express their interest in each sustainability topic.

72 questionnaires

Step 4

Analyze impacts of the topics to the Company's operations

In addition to the levels of interest on sustainability from stakeholders, the impacts of these topics on CTCI's operations should also be considered. Hence, the Report Team also analyzed the impacts of each topic on the Company's sustainable operations.

24 member in the report team

Step 5

Decide on material topics

Draw materialilty matrix according to stakeholder levels of interest on each topic and the levels of impacts that each pose on Company operations. CTCI also verified the results of the significance analysis through external experts and internal management, and 14 material topics were chosen as a result.

14 material topics


Step 6

Select material aspects

From the 14 selected material topics, we found 12 corresponding topics, and one regular disclosure from the GRI Standards. Three of them are CTCI's specific topics.

16 material aspects

Step 7

Define the scope of information disclosure

Each of the 16 material aspects is assessed by our employees on the stage of every indicator's impact on the value chain, including procurement, project planning and design, construction, customer experience, and scope of disclosure.

4 stages of value chain

Stakeholders Communication

Methods and Frequency of Communication, and Responses Emphasis


Methods of communication

Frequency of communication


CTCI's response



Labor Relations Conference

Every quarter

Participate in deliberation and offer suggestions on company HSE policies and various HSE management measures.

Adjust inquiry system of personal safety and health training records

Committee report and meeting minutes will be disclosed to all employees through CCC after the meeting is over.

In addition to the existing inquiry system, the CCC is now easier for our employees to access the records of their personal occupational safety and health training.

Senior Management Seminar

Every quarter

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Every quarter

Designated hotline and e-mail

Any time

CTCI Monthly Publication


Get the latest news and information on the group and the company

As of 2016, 449 issues have been published. We encourage online publication to conserve energy and reduce carbon.

Employee Welfare Committee

Any time

Plans for childcare facilities

New pension system, trust bonus information inquiry for employees.

A kindergarten has already signed with us. Another kindergarten is under negotiation.



Shareholders Annual Meeting

Every year

To understand the latest operating situations and financial performance of the company.

For questions regarding our operating situations or financial performance, the media can contact us and get a response.

Reporting to shareholders/investors the latest operating situations and financial performance of the company through domestic and overseas investor conferences and MOPS and have in-depth discussions with them.

The Investor's section on our company website discloses contact information of all spokespeople, and we established an Investor Relations Office for shareholders/investors to ask questions any time.

Investor Conference

Every six months

Overseas Investor Conference

From time to time

Investor's section

Any time

Visits to the top 10 shareholders

Every year

Telephone, fax, e-mail, website

Any time


Hold large-scale cultural/charity events

Every year

Invite to organize Shilin Cultural Festival together to cultivate community culture.

The iron bars of our underground parking lot entrance are loose, leading to loud noises when cars drive through.

We provide funds, space and personnel to help organize community cultural events and enhance the promotion of environmental education to improve overall community culture and the awareness of cherishing earth information.

Repaired and improved.

Telephone, fax, email, website

Any time

downstream contractors

Visits to factories

From time to time

Concerned with whether CTCI will choose vendors based on a "vendor CSR assessment" in the future

Desire for CTCI to hold a "supplier conference" to get to know each other

High CSR risk vendors will be audited in the future.

We are planning to hold a supplier conference in 2017.

Factory visits

From time to time

Telephone, fax, email, website

Any time



Client satisfaction survey

Every six months

Express your thoughts on CTCI's overall service through our satisfaction rate survey.


We collect customer feedback in real time and proactively distribute customer satisfaction questionnaires twice every year.

We established the interdepartmental "customer feedback operating team", chaired by our president. The team discusses and reviews the questionnaires and offers suggestions to make improvements, while other departments carry them out.

Telephone, fax, email

Any time

Personal visits

Any time



Important message press release

Any time

Acquire correct information on issues the people care about.

Clarify on the press releases of CTCI project indicators

Establish global key locations, final presentations, and major group events for our project indicators and received awards to publish press releases to inform the public.

Give thorough explanations in answer to the media's questions.

Telephone, fax, e-mail

Any time

Stakeholders Contact Method