Stakeholders Engagement

Analysis Materiality Matrix

In order for effective communication between the CSR Report and our stakeholders, CTCI complies with the GRI Standards of Global Reporting Initiative. It follows material topic analysis and has set up systematic analysis framework based on six major steps to determine the material topics, scope of data collection, and stakeholders of 2017 CSR Report.

Stakeholders and Materiality Assessment

Stakeholders Communication

Communication with Stakeholders


Methods of communication

Major issues

Content focus

Reply of CTCI


Labor-Management meeting, senior supervisors' seminar, Occupational Safety and Health Committee/quarterly; Employees' suggestion platform, hotline, e-mail box, Employee Welfare Committee/any time

Safe and healthy work environment

Recruitment and retention

Career development and educational training

Labor rights and human rights

Occupational safety and health

Talent retention

Human Rights and Benefits

  • Target values are set for the items shown as below: the overall disability, the days away/restricted or job transfer rate (DARTR), the total recordable case rate (TRCR), the non-completion rate of reporting back safety and health incidents, the non-completion rate of corrective/preventive measures for safety, health, and environmental oversight. And we hope to improve continually.
  • Used the apprenticeship system/OJT and the annual training plan to develop professional capabilities and increase their completion rate to ≧ 92%, and the completion rate of the annual training program to ≧ 95%.
  • Formulate and promulgate the Human Rights Policy.
  • Provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to achieve balance of body and mind and facilitate a positive cycle of health at the workplace.

Shareholders/ investors

Shareholders' meeting/annually;Investor conference/semi-annually;Overseas investor conference, investor roadshow/occasionally

Innovative technology and service

Emerging market strategy

Effectiveness of energy conservation

Climate change and strategies

Innovative technology and business model

Shareholders' equity

Future development and sustainability

  • 2017 EPS: NT$ 2.51
  • In 2017, CTCI adopted an innovative modulized engineering technology to complete Malaysia's largest P1 modulization engineering project, which saves the consumption of manpower and machine equipment in the construction site
  • Continue to pay attention to emerging markets, such as Indonesia/Algeria, etc.
  • Participate in DJSI and CSP to continually improve sustainable practices


Organize large cultural and charity event/annually

Social involvement

Interaction with local communities

Cultivate students as future talents

Charity and care

Participation in academic/non-profit business associations

  • In 2017, CTCI Education Foundation launched 17 projects, 38 events, and sponsored 5 events, attracting 4,020 participants.
  • In 2017, CTCI provides 1,090 hours of volunteering services.
  • CTCI joined 40 nonprofit organizations, both as a group and an individual member.

Suppliers/ downstream contractors

Visit vendors or factories/ occasionally

Suppliers' sustainable management

Safe and healthy work environment

Pollution prevention

Code of conducts compliance

Expand cooperation with suppliers

Supplier consultation

  • As of 2017, 1,723 suppliers have signed Vendor's Commitment on Corporate Sustainable Management with CTCI.
  • In 2017, CTCI developed six domestic suppliers to become selected suppliers for overseas projects.
  • CTCI organized suppliers' conventions, where we shared CSR execution results with our vendors, and at the same time requested our suppliers to comply with CTCI's sustainable supply chain policy.


Customer satisfaction surveys/semi-annually; Visits in person/any time

Customer service and management


Safe and healthy Work environment

Suppliers' sustainable management

    Quality management

    Honest business operation

  • Implement the CRM system to establish customer relations and provide better services. CTCI is named by the ENR Magazine Top 100 International Design Firm and International Contractor.
  • Commission an impartial third party to establish a "reporting website", accepting relevant whistle-blowing information.
  • Formulate rules for ethical behavior of employees and whistle-blowing mechanism


Important information press release/any time

Brand management

Information disclosure

Brand image

  • A total of 121 reports on the CTCI sustainability topics-related activities in the media
  • Through social media, CTCI and sustainability-related events are disseminated in multiple languages. The number of visitors to our official website is over 28,000; our Facebook fan page reaches to over 119,000 viewers with over 639 posts.

Stakeholders Contact Method





Romansa Kao


Jessica Wu


Amir Ching


Suppliers/Downstream Contractors

Karen Kao


Cherry Cheng

Wilson Chien



Candy Hu