Sustainability Performances & Initiatives

Sustainability Performances

Professional Engineering Service

Professional Engineering Service


R&D expenses in 2016


2016 Ratio of R&D Expenses on Revenue

95 points

Evaluation Mechanism of Key Processes in Project


2016 Customer Satisfaction Rate (our of 10 points)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

1125 suppliers

In 2016, all of our suppliers had signed the Supply Chain Code of Conduct

279 suppliers

Number of suppliers that we had conducted sustainability research in 2016

37 suppliers

Number of suppliers we visited in 2016

6 chosen as vendors

Enhance suppliers' skills - Fostered domestic suppliers to become vendors for overseas projects in 2016


2016 ratio of local procurement amount

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

DJSI Emerging Markets Index

Selected by DJSI in consecutive years. The first and only Taiwanese engineering firm in the industry to be selected.

Top 5% in listed companies on the TWSE

First and second Corporate Governance Assessment (to be updated)

Corporate Citizen Award

Ranked in 28th Place in the “2016 Top 50 Commonwealth Corporate Citizen Award (Companies Whose Revenue Exceed NTD 10 billion)” by Commonwealth Magazine

First Place

Top 2000 Corporations & Top 650 Companies in Service Industry Research from Commonwealth Magazine - 22nd Place. 1st Place in Engineering Contractors and 32nd Most Profitable Company in Service Industry.

Taiwan Sustainability Report Award

"Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award", Gold Medal in "Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award", "Innovation and Growth Award", and "Transparency Award" from the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)

The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals Award

John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, was awarded "The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals" recognition by TAISE to honor his devotion to fulfilling CSR, leading the group toward sustainability development, and setting an example in the industry.

Corporate CSR Model Green Business Award

Model Green Corporate Award from BSI

Most Admired Company Award

Year 2016 Most Admired Company Award from Commonwealth Magazine - 1st Place in Construction Industry

The codes of ethical conduct reporting division run by a neutral third-party entity

The first Taiwanese firm to commission a neutral third party entity to run the code of ethical conduct reporting division

Nomination Committee

To strengthen corporate governance, CTCI takes initiative in being Taiwan's first engineering consultation company to voluntarily establish a nomination committee.

Regulation of Board of Directors Performance Assessment

In 2016, CTCI's Board of Directors voluntarily approved the stipulation of the "Regulation of Board of Directors Performance Assessment", in order to strengthen the operation efficiency of the Board.




The ERBO that operates the waste incinerator resells the energy back to Taipower Company. The total energy sold was approximately 909,404 MWh, and this effectively reduced emissions by approximately 480,165 tons of CO2e.


Total amount of electricity consumption and EUI of the Company HQ was 4.2% less in 2016 than that in 2015.


Water consumption of the Company HQ and construction sites had reduced by 14.1% and 69.6% respectively from 2015 to 2016.


General waste generated from the Company HQ in 2016 was 55.3 tons, a 14.2% reduction compared with that in 2015.




2016 retention rate of employees applying for child care leave is 100%, marking a 3-year high

NTD 31,840,863

In 2016, total amount devoted toward employee educational training and employee professional training had been NTD 16,971,768 and NTD 14,869,095 respectively, and NTD 31,840,863 in total. On average, we spent NTD 4961.05 on training each of our employees.

483,780 hours

In 2016, total training hours of employee educational training and employee professional training reached 242,891 hours and 240,889 hours respectively, totaling 483,780 hours.

33,891,274 hours

HQ has received a certification record for operating for 33,891,274 hours from January 18, 2007 to November 30, 2015 without work-related injuries from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor on January 14, 2016.

22.3 million hours

CTCI's dedication to HSE management is demonstrated in every project that is handled by the corporation. Other than the acquisition of the certification record for no work-related injuries, our project in Saudi Arabia has also set a record of no work-related injuries for 22.3 million hours as of July 2016. As an acknowledgement to our exceptional work safety protection and project execution achievement, SABIC also presented a special award to CTCI.

1,034 attendees

Healthcare Promotion Seminar

We hosted health-promotional seminars in collaboration with the Shilin Health Center and designated a health checkup center. Topics for the annual health promotion seminars were set according to employee feedback to the health seminar, and this included psychological issues. In 2016, 13 seminars were held, and attended by 1,034 participants.


With respect to 6 general topics and 18 subtopics, we conducted an organization climate survey. The survey coverage rate reached 89.6%. In the future, we will continue to make improvements based on employee feedback and suggestions.



NTD 2,009,700

Active participation in relevant nonprofit organizations and serve in director and/or supervisor roles in these groups to contribute toward the promotion of these groups. In 2016, CTCI devoted NTD 2,009,700 toward the operations of these groups.

69 people

From 2011 to 2016, we have offered scholarships to aid 69 students with engineering background. The accumulated disbursement amount has reached NTD 3.73 million.

NTD 4,000,000

Long-term talent enhancement plans, including establishing internship programs and planning corporate visits and scholarships. In year 2016, CTCI devoted 7,556 working hours and NTD 4,000,000 toward promoting academic research.

NTD 2,071,451

As for assisting underprivileged groups, we invite social welfare groups and foundations to participate in charity sales. We have developed a long-term partnership with these nonprofit groups and provide emergency relief to the needy. In 2016, CTCI devoted 162 working hours and NTD 2,071,451.

Global Sustainable Performance-DJSI

In 2015, CTCI was nominated as one of the companies in the sustainability index on the DJSI in spite of being the first time we were invited to join. This established  us  as  the  first  and  only  company  in  the  engineering  industry to be chosen by DJSI in Taiwan and benchmarked an important milestone for the sustainable development of the local engineering industry. In 2016, CTCI received high marks and praise in the areas of code of conduct, non-financial project evaluation, supply chain management, environmental reports, environmental policy and management systems, social reports, talent attraction and retention, and employee care. In order to be selected by DJSI again in the future, CTCI will continue to enhance our actions in corporate sustainability, focus on global trends in sustainability, and implement corporate sustainable 
governance in practice.

Sustainability Initiatives