CSR Policy & Promotion Scheme

History of The CTCI CSR Promotion Scheme

CSR Policy Statement

CTCI Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles

CSR Promotion Scheme

To continuously promote corporate sustainability, the Corporate Governance Committee, a functional committee under the Board of Directors, is responsible for the implementations of CSR-relate activities and  policies,  and  under which  the  CSR  Task  Force  is  established  for  the  primary  decision-making 
and  promotion  unit  for  CSR  tasks  in  the  Company.  The  President  and  the head of the EMO act as the Chief Officer and the Coordinator of the Task Force, respectively. Alongside them are the Social Participation Group, the Environmental Protection Group and the Operation & Governance Group. 
The primary roles of the Task Force are as follows:
The achievements and progress of the CSR Task Force are being examined and supervised by the Corporate Governance Committee, and to be included in the company's decision-making and improvement on sustainable development performance, while implementing our short, mid and long-term sustainability goals one step at a time, proving CTCI's determination toward sustainable development.